Today was a great day!

For me!

Not my coworkers who finally got to feel my pain!

I was enjoying every moment of their frustration and anger especially since they were always so sweet and kind to the customers.

“Awe!” I pouted “are you upset? Do you understand why I get so angry now?”

Oh I almost died there and then. She had reached her final form and the angry monster was not going to take my teasing!

I hurried back to my window!

However my day went on well.

It’s pretty sad when a grown ass man has a temper tantrum and manages to get himself banned!

I had been taking his order, I was being sweet as usual 🤮 when he ordered a burger that didn’t come with pickles! I politely informed that I would have to charge him.

Then he begins spewing this

  • No, you don’t.
  • There is no button for it. So there is no charge!
  • Why are you charging me honey? Did I ask for honey!
  • Look just take off the lettuce and replace it with pickles!

This went on for three minutes! I was surprised how polite I was! I was still explaining that no matter what he was being charged!

  • “I am the customer! I am always right! So you don’t charge me for pickles! Pickles are free!”

I sighed, “no. Not if I don’t want to get in trouble by my boss.” I then told my boss that my customer was being a baby having a fit being charged.

I directed the customer to pull through to see my boss he wouldn’t move. I lost my shit then “please drive through to see my manager!”

At the first window the customer talked to my boss. It didn’t go well. I leaned out the window and groaned. I recognized the customer as a regular asshole who would go on a review page to complain about everything.

The boss stormed out of first window and informed everyone the customer was banned. The customer refused to drive away he expected his meal!!! He sat there for five more minutes until my district manager told him the cops were on the way! He left!

I laughed.

After work I had to catch up on my shopping. I was leaving when I ran into Jordan.

He had seen me. Crap! Which meant I had to greet him.

I politely said hello. That should have been the end of it, I hate small talk! I am horrible at it!

No he actually walked with me talking about his new cat.

I reached my sister’s car and we said goodbye.



One thought on “A GREAT DAY FOR ME

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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