I didn’t realize how hard it would be to type with my pupils dilated!

I can barely focus! 🙂

What a busy exhausting day of doctor appointments! I had maybe an hour break between each one!

Never used so much hand sanitizer in my life! Gross! Hospitals are so dirty!

I have a hard time communicating with doctors because I am so distrustful. Especially when it comes to pain. I hate describing any kind of pain I am in because they disregard it, or make some kind of “uh-huh” noise or  “and then”

There is no “and then”! This isn’t a figment of my imagination! There is proof all over my body! Look!

I found out why I was so tired. Low Blood count because of my periods. The doctor told me the gyno might recommend a special kind of IUD or surgery to shrink the lining of my uterus. Oh joy! Got to love that uterus! Fucking bitch!

I also had to have an ultra-sound because there might be a blockage somewhere because I am always complaining about my abdomen, belly and throwing up.  I went to have the ultra-sound. And the technician is pressing down on my abdomen and belly. I am already tender from the pain I was in. “Does it hurt?”

Oh gee I dont know. Does the sound coming out of my mouth imply otherwise? He had turned up the sound a bit to hear my abdomen, then realized I was still there, turned it back down. I could hear it anyway. I dont understand why it was such a big deal?

“Ok you are done now” he said. I pull down my shirt and got gel all over it.

“Oh no I have a wash cloth” he said irritably.

I stared at him incredulously. Yeah? How about saying something before? Did I know he had a washcloth? Uh no! Just a minute too slow there buddy!

“Oh, by the way, are you bleeding from somewhere? like from your stomach. Or something?”

I stared at him. “Yes, I am just getting off my period.”

“Oh that explains the loss of blood,” he muttered.

Oh my god!

I hurried out of there. “You are going the wrong way!”

Oh for fucks sake!

My next appointment was with my eye doctor. She was cool.

“Your vision has improved”

My jaw dropped. “What? No! I am almost blind in one eye! How could my vision have improved!”

She smiled. “By half.”

Huh. that made my day!




    1. Thank you 🤗
      I’m happy I didn’t have horrible results.
      I thought it would be worse. But each appointment went efficiently 😂
      Except the ultrasound 😓


  1. Sounds like you need a hug, an extended soak in a tub full of water and rose petals and a long massage with an extremely happy ending.
    Typing with dilated pupils sucks. I went to renew my drivers license after I got my pupils dilated…and the eye exam at the motor vehicle department was quite interesting. I don’t think they give a damn if I can see well…just that I wasn’t blind.

    An entire day of dealing with medical (semi-)professionals…ugh. I’m happy to hear you are ok though.

    How may I serve you Mistress?


    1. The bath sounds like a great idea. I really need a jacuzzi! Ah the jets!
      Doing a test with dilated eyes would be interesting indeed! I looked like I was on crack! I can’t imagine how they let you take the test!
      I don’t like the doctors here lol shouldn’t have to pull teeth to get answers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll have to order the Jacuzzi. I hope you have room in your place to put it. The jets…YES! The jets. They can be soothing, or exciting depending on where you sit!


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