It was a scene from every badly written rom-com. A woman goes on the first date with a handsome man and everything spirals downward into chaos.

Becky checked her mobile one more time. Her date was now 45 minutes late.

This was all Mac’s fault, she thought as she took another sip of her mocktail. He had encouraged her to go out.

She remembered every bit of that conversation that morning. “Are you saying you are bored with me?” she pouted. Mac placed the breakfast tray across her lap. He made her french toast with strawberries blueberries a hint of syrup. Two cups of milk for them both and a coffee for him.

Mac chuckled. “Not at all. I love you! I love how crazy you are. How pretentious you can become if things don’t go your way. Oh, I just love how you are right all the time” he settled in bed next to her. He laughed at her outraged expression. “I fell in love of you despite your oddities. What I am saying is, do you think you can handle someone else being able to handle you?”

Becky frowned. “handle me? No one handles me. No one can.”

Mac cut a piece of her french toast and chewed it slowly, “I handle you.” he reminded her calmly. “I have handled your worst and best moments.”

Becky blinked. It was true. Mac was very patient and indulgent. He was also firm on what he would not tolerate from her. She rested her head on his shoulder. “If it seems I take you for granted, I am not. I love you so much,” she whispered.

He kissed the top of her head. “I propose a wager. One date with the person of my choosing.”

Becky almost choked on her breakfast. “What?”

“You cannot leave the dinner for any reason except a medical emergency. You have to stay for at least an hour from the moment he arrives. You cannot complain. You have to engage in lively conversation. NO small talk. Be polite.”

Becky stared at Mac in complete horror. “Wait are you saying I have to be NICE?” she couldn’t believe what he was suggesting.

Mac smiled. “Oh and one more thing you have to dress appropriately. That means no leggings no shirts. And you must see it all through with a smile on your face.”

Becky grimaced. “What do you get out of it??”

“The satisfaction knowing I will be right. Nothing is ever right for you. Nothing is ever good enough.” Mac pointed.

“You are good enough” Becky wound her arms around him. “Please do not ever think that. You are the best thing ever in my life.”

Mac smoothed her hair from her face and peered down at her face. “I don’t ever think that.  I just want you to enjoy and appreciate everything we have. I don’t think you will until you lose this bet.” he smirked.

Becky narrowed her eyes. “What?!” she thumped his chest. “You sadist!”

He burst out laughing. “I will enjoy every moment of your displeasure! Every moment! I will be nearby watching!”

“Becky?” an accented male cut into her reverie drawing her attention to a handsome man standing over her.

She rose out of her chair and fixed him with a cool glare. “Its Rebecca,” she corrected him. He leaned in to air kiss both her cheeks. “I am sorry I didn’t get your name?”

“Tavios Kuros” he answered. “Forgive me” he presented her with red roses.

Her least favorite flower, Becky noted. Mac was already sabotaging her. Kudos.  Becky accepted them with a polite thank you.

“I was running late, I had gotten lost” Tavios explained as he seated himself.

Becky noted that he had not waited for her to seat herself, nor offer to take her chair. And his excuse for being late was flimsy. Another two strikes. She tried to dust it off.

Becky smiled. “One leaves early so that doesn’t happen,” she suggested. “I myself have that problem. Hate it when I am late.”

Tavios chuckled, “Women seem to enjoy it when a man waits upon them. Men are used to women being late because they take pride in their beauty” his gaze flickered dismissively over Becky.

The tiny hairs on the back of Becky’s neck rose with anger. Did he just imply he had not taken time in her beauty routine?? Her nails dug into the linen of the table cloth.

Becky had chosen to wear a blood red pantsuit that drew attention to her full round breasts. Her shoulder length hair was sleek back into a chignon. The crimson on her lipstick offset the milky dewiness of her pale skin.

“How delightful of you to be understanding of a woman’s prerogative to be beautiful” Becky smiled, “however do be mindful of my prerogative to be punctual. Time may not exist in your world but it exists in mine. I won’t waste it on a man who doesn’t believe I am not worthy of his.”

Tavios eyes widened. “Not worthy? No. No. Please! No, I meant no insult! Perhaps there was a language barrier.” he stammered.

“Perhaps there was.” Becky lowered her eyes coyly, and smiled.

“ah Miss. Becky how delightful it is to see you again” the waiter showed up at their table. “Georges,” she greeted him with a smile.

“Shall I start you off…”

Tavios raised a finger directing the waiter’s attention to him, “do you have a bottle of house wine or a bottle of house champagne?”

Georges was confused. “Yes but, Miss Becky doesn’t drink wine. Or alcohol. Where is Mr. Mac” he leaned into whisper.

Becky laughed. “It is a dinner date, it is alright Georges.”

“excuse me,” Tavios spoke once more. “we will have your finest wine.”

Becky cleared her throat. “I believe we will not.” she smiled. “I appreciate the thought, Tavios but I do not drink alcoholic beverages.”

Tavios tutted. “A fine date needs to start out right with a celebratory drink.” he began again.

Becky’s irritation was growing. “Georges may I suggest you bring Tavios your best wine list and you bring me a refill of my mocktail.”

Georges glared at Tavios, “Yes Miss. Becky” and walked off.

Once they were alone, Tavios smiled. “Do you find it presumptuous that the waiter would care to use your given name so familiarly.”

“No, I find it presumptuous that you would ignore my request for no alcohol and try to order it anyway.”

Tavios laughed. “It is a minor thing.”

Becky inhaled deeply, “I cannot take alcohol as I am taking medicine.”

Tavios waved it off and laughed. “Ah just worrisome thoughts for a delightful evening. Come now Becky tell me how do you spend your time?”

Becky glared at him, “Its Rebecca.”

“Who is”

“You may call me Rebecca” Becky snarled.


Georges returned with a wine list, menu and a mocktail.

She was ordering now off the menu when Tavios made a gesture. “She will have the salmon and arugula salad.”

Becky nearly spat out her mocktail. No one except for Mac knew how intricate Becky’s tastes were. No one but Mac ordered for her.

Becky slowly lowered the menu. She closed it. Without glancing at Tavios she smiled at the waiter “I will have what he is having,Georges” she spoke softly.

“Yes of course. Everything will be taken care of to your satisfaction” Georges replied, surprised.

“Please see that it is.” She waited until the waiter had left before fixing a cold stare on Tavios “I believe it is in your best interest never to presume what your date shall eat. Especially if it is your first date and could be your last”

Tavios blinked “I beg your pardon?”

“What if I had been allergic to fish?”

Tavios reached across the table to cover her hand his. “Fish or salad is healthier for you. I’m sure you would thank me later if you had it. It is really quite delicious” he went on as if he hadn’t heard her.

Georges returned a few minutes later, “Miss Becky someone would like to offer you a drink” he directed her attention to the table not far from hers.

Her heart stopped and slammed hard into her chest. Mac.

He was seated in the shadows, his electric blue eyes held her gaze. his mouth kicked up at the corners.

“Thank you Georges. Will you thank him for me?” Becky’s heart raced. How could she pretend to be nice when she wanted to eviscerate the arrogant bastard sitting across from her?? How could she even do this when the man she was in love with sitting only feet away. It felt so wrong!

Mac was enjoying every moment of Becky’s predicament. Her icy cool demeanor had not wavered since Tavios had arrived 45 minutes ago. She was losing the wager big time.

“Mr. Mac?” Georges murmured, interrupted his thoughts. “She thanks you for her drink.”

Mac smiled. “Of course she does. Georges whatever she just ordered. Cancel it.” he instructed. “She will have her usual.”

Georges face broke into a great big grin. “Of course! A big bowl of seafood pasta! Coming right up.”

Mac chuckled. “Double the seafood. She will need it. And make sure she has a chocolate cake to go with it.”

Georges clapped his hands with delight. “Yes Yes but of course, sir!” he hurried off to the kitchen. Mac folded his hands under his chin and smiled. This should be interesting.

Dinner was served moments later. Becky’s heart fluttered in her chest. While Tavios was having a salmon steak (Ugh make her barf),and arugula salad. Georges had set a plate of seafood pasta before her. With double the seafood.

Mac would always order her this when she was having a bad day.

Her head jerked up and she snuck a sideways glance at Mac. He blew her a kiss.

“Touché” Becky grinned.

“How incompetent is the waitstaff,” Tavios muttered. “You asked for salmon and salad. They brought you pasta!”

Becky sighed. “The staff is quite capable.” she bit out. “Please enjoy your meal.”

“Pasta is heavy in carbs” Tavios tutted.

Becky stopped spiraling her pasta on her fork

“Ironic don’t you think? Since you’re Italian?” Becky snapped.

“Moderation is all I’m saying” Tavios replied “let me tell you about the most romantic wonderful little villa I have outside Florence”

As the evening went on, with more dessert and wine Tavios became amorous, his hands caressing hers, whispering erotic things he wanted to do to her. Becky was bored. So much for sophisticated seduction. He was like a teenage boy trying to get laid.

“Shall we go back to my place?” Tavios suggested.

The idea of being alone with the man filled her with disgust. Did he really think silly little filthy words would work on her?

“sure,” she purred “I know this quaint little hotel nearby.”

Mac’s heart fluttered in his chest. This was going too far. He had not expected Becky to take the Italian to her bed. She wouldn’t. She wouldn’t dare! Rage and jealousy surged through him as he watched Becky get to her feet and follow Tavios out of the restaurant.

Scrambling to his feet, Mac grabbed his coat and instructed Georges to put everything on his credit. He hurried out of the restaurant into the brisk cold.

He could hear Becky’s laughter as she guided Tavios to the Hilton. Shoving his hands in his pockets he ignored the wind as he walked after them.

The hotel room was quaint. A minibar in the corner, queen size bed that had oversized pillows. Large screen tv.

Kicking off her heels and jacket, Becky turned to Tavios as he reached for her.

His kiss was just as she expected. Sloppy, overpowering. She tried not to gag on his tongue as it plunged deep in her throat. Her hair came loose from its pins as his fingers stuck themselves in her chignon.

He was muttering something against her throat, as his mouth trailed down her skin. Nipping and biting.

Was this how he thought a woman liked to be seduced, Becky wondered. His hands were on her breasts, cupping them kneading them roughly.

“Ow you are hurting me” she panted.

“Shut up you little bitch! he panted. “You little bitch acting like a cunt during dinner. Well I will show you what I like!”

Becky grunted when he took her nipple and twisted it. “Ow”

“You are going to be a good little girl for me aren’t you?” he hissed. “You’re going to like all the things daddy does to you…”

It was as if something inside her was triggered.

Becky’s opened her palm and sent it into Tavios throat. Tavios reeled back in shock. Gagging as he clutched his throat. “you stupid bitch!”

“Did you just call me a good little girl??” Becky screeched. She grabbed tavios by the ears and slammed his head down onto her knee. She released him and he stumbled falling onto his back.

Becky straddled him, or foot in his groin her knee in his chest.

She gripped his chin.

“You don’t tell me to be a good girl! You dont tell what I want or like. Tell me, Tavios or is it Daddy? Do you know how ridiculous you sound?” she snarled.

“You are a boy trying to play a man’s game.”

Tavios tried to speak, but she backhanded him. Hard.

“Ah ah shut up and listen. There is nothing more boring or tedious than trying to fake an orgasm. I hate doing that. I also hate when an incompetent lover tries to be Christian Grey in my bed. You could barely hold a conversation during dinner or keep me interested or wet during foreplay! And you had the gall to assume I would be turned on by your fumbling efforts to be dominant?”

Tavios eyes were dark with rage. “You look at me with that expression again, pretty boy and I will castrate you right now.” Becky seethed. She reached down to stroke Tavios cock through his trousers. Then gripped him hard. “Dont fucking test me.”

Tavios blinked and shivered. His face turned white.


I’m the Alpha. You should have sensed that the moment you had the gall to have dinner with me.”

Tavios began to protest, but Becky backhanded him again. He began to cry.

“Good lord man, get a hold of your manhood.” Becky snorted with disgust. “Get out you already ruined my night!

Rolling off him, Becky sprinted a good safe foot away. Tavios glared at her and got to his feet. “I will call the cops.”

“Awe BSDM gone wrong. Pitiful. Get out.”

Tavios grabbed his coat and scurried out.

Taking a big shaky breath, Becky collapsed on the bed. There was a knock on the door.

“Bex honey are you ok” Mac’s voice through the door made her sit up.

She flung open the door and pulled Mac into the room. She hugged him close.

“I take it the night went horribly wrong?” he asked.

“You won.” she grumbled. “he called me a good girl. I threatened to castrate him.”

Mac burst out laughing. “Good grief. He looked like he got beat by a meat tenderizer.”


Mac kissed her. “No one puts Bex in a corner.”

“Promise me it will be only you that can handle me” she whispered.

“Only me” Mac promised.

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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