But You like trying new food!

It is bothersome when people don’t understand how treatment changes a person’s appetite.

Having to constantly defend, explain why I can’t eat certain foods; because the smell makes me nauseous or irritates my bowel, is annoying!

Either I eat too much or too little! I can’t win!

Shopping for my own food is quite a nuisance here because I get lost whenever I do manage to get out. I have been out 4X since I arrived, so if I do get snacks I have to make it last.

It is assumed that I go out every day. No. I hide in my room, emerge only when it’s treatment or if the kitchen is serving something I can tolerate! I haven’t even made my noodles!

Tonight Beef with red wine sauce, (I can’t remember what it was called), whipped potatoes is being served! I won’t be able to eat it!

FYI: it is not helpful to someone who is in treatment to constantly question what they can tolerate. They are going through it, not you! You do not know better! Instead of arguing/pressuring them? Make/buy the food they can digest!

I have discovered that mixed berry Ensure definitely tastes better than chocolate 💕

3 thoughts on “But You like trying new food!

  1. Maybe it’s the difference between me being a man, and you being a woman, but when people asked me about why I didn’t eat something, I normally told them I could only eat food I prepared for myself, because of my immune system, which was true for a long time. No one ever argued with me about it. Of course, you are currently in a situation where meals are being prepared, with little or no choice of what you eat other than the decision to eat it or not to eat it (maybe you should look up Al Yankovich’s parody “Beat It” called “Eat It”) — one of the worse situations you can be in when having treatment. Otherwise, I don’t understand why anyone would question what you felt like eating, and argue with you about it, other than you’re a woman, and the people who are arguing with you won’t take you seriously because you are a woman. If that’s the case, it really pisses me off, because, like you said, you are the one having treatments, and you know exactly want you feel like eating at any given time, which is highly variable when having treatments, and what will make you hurl.

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    1. I can see how preparing your own food would make it safer and much better for you.
      I would love to have the option of choosing my own food here. I used to be pretty amicable. “Whatever you like is ok with me” I would say. Not anymore. I’m putting my foot down!

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