You take my hand, a finger to your lips silencing any questions I may have. You lead me away from your guests, from prying eyes, annoying chatter.

You lead me outside onto the veranda down the stairs past the gardens. I am wondering where you are taking me so late at night, under the pale moonlight. The stars are like flickering specks in vast darkness. So beautiful!

You come to a stop just beyond the trees, hidden from the house. You turn to me.

Before I can speak, your mouth is on mine. The taste of you is intoxicating, I whimper hungrily. I love how your hands are in command of my body. Confident of what pleases me. There is no hesitation, just mastery.

There is something primitive, possessive in your kiss, being under the moon in your arms. You kiss my neck, nipping my skin. My heart is racing, my body is hot despite the cool air. You pull my shirt over my head, my bra is next, unclasping it dragging it free from my shoulders.

You kiss me again, I fret. I want more than kisses. I want your hands on me. I want your body covering mine. I need you inside me! You seem to have infinite patience despite the ridge of your erection that I’m grinding against.

You kiss your way down my body. Your mouth lingering over my breast, your breath hot on my nipples. You don’t do anything just watch my reaction through heavy-lidded eyes. Every part of me wants to claw at you to tear at your skin in retaliation for teasing me. For making me wait. My nipples are hard. Aching for your tongue teeth lips, but you just leave me barely in control. I am trembling. A hot wet mess and you haven’t even taken off my leggings!

You kneel before me, your blue eyes twinkling with mischief and the heat of lust.You ease my black leggings to my feet. My hands are on your shoulders to steady myself.

You tell me to step out of my leggings and I do so.

Your fingers whisper up my calves. I shiver in delight. Sliding up between my thighs.

I am trying to be patient, trying not to beg you to touch me. The delicious throb of my clit, the clenching and unclenching of my muscles as I anticipate your hands on me leaves me aching and wet.

You kiss the inside of my thigh, I inhale sharply. My nails digging into your skin.

You stroke my slit. Feathery touches that make me whimper. I want more.

You slid your fingers into my slit, parting my lips. Ohhh! the sound is breathless on the night air.

Your tongue is relentless on my exposed clit. Alternating between sucking hard and licking slow.

I am trying to be quiet but the onslaught of sensations is too much.

Suddenly your hand is sharp on my buttock, leaving a resounding smack. Surprised at the unexpected pain I cum. “If I don’t hear you screaming, it will be worse for you” you warn me quietly.

Your tongue is flickering once more, feathery caresses. Barely rasping over the sensitive nerves.

My knees start to buckle at the approaching wave of pleasure. You lower me to the grass. There you continue your merciless tongue-fuck until I am screaming your name.

I am in the grass, breathless. my body? A quivering hot mess. You rise above, blocking the moon and stars. You have stripped your self bare, and loom over me naked.

You settle between my thighs. Your cock is teasing me, sliding into me inch by inch. “Fuck!” You groan “grip my cock just like that” in response to my pussy rippling around you. You fuck me hard.

I’m dripping all over your cock, your hips rocking hard against mine. “You’re so fucking perfect,” you rasped “I love you”

You are barely holding onto your control, your fingers are tight around my wrists. Your skin is damp with sweat, glistening in the moonlight. You smirk as I cum again I lay underneath you. and as if you could sense my body surrender to exhaustion you let go of your control.

I’m loving hearing your groan as your cum shoots deeps inside me. You roll onto your side taking me with you. We are a mess, and you grin pointing out it will be fun trying to sneak back in.

I grumble. You laugh but let me have a little nap wrapped in your arms.


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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