It is always pleasant to run into someone I enjoyed serving while I worked. I often run into numerous customers asking where I have been.

I ran into Jared, one of the few people I enjoyed serving.  Even while I was working and I was in drive thru, Jared would ask where I was. Now that I was gone for seven months, he would run into my sister and ask her where I was!

he was surprised to see me and asked me where I have been. The front counter had been a shit show! He hated going in there because my sister and I were no longer there. “You and your sister were the nicest ones there and knew how to get the orders right” he pouted.

I smiled. “I have been on sick leave.” I remarked. I never say why anymore. Saying I have cancer makes people uncomfortable. They  have trouble saying the right words. I don’t like the awkwardness it puts them in. They always seem to feel sad. Am I sad? No. Then don’t feel sad.

“Oh,” Jared seemed ok with that. “When are you coming back?”

I shrugged, “Soon” I grinned and asked how he was doing.

Jared began to tell me he is doing great. He rarely buy breakfast anymore because of his new girlfriend. She makes all of his food.  I was listening to him talk about her, how proud he was of her. The way he spoke of her made me happy that a man would talk about his girl like that! I was also envious. Not because I wanted to be his girlfriend. Just the fact she could be such a house wife material!

He told me she would cook a whole chicken the night before so Jared could have chicken sandwiches for lunch. She would bake him cake, cook him breakfast lunch and supper. She didnt stay at home she worked as well. She was so different from his last girlfriend!

Apparently his last girlfriend quit her job within 3 months of dating him, spent all of his savings (he was going to see his mother) went to Vegas and blew it. She also got a credit card in his name and racked up a ton of debt. I cringed. “Good grief! that is horrible!”

“so yeah I am taking her court”he snorted.

“Good for you” I grinned, “so is there anyway you would want to share your new girlfriend?”

Jared choked. “What?”

I gave him a sad puppy dog look “She can cook for me too. I can clean”

Jared laughed “No”

I was crest fallen. “Damn it Jared! Why do you have to crush my dreams”

Jared was still laughing as he walked away.


  1. Jared must be something if a woman is willing do all the cooking and taking care of him. His ex-girlfriend must be something for him to let her take advantage of him like that. I can’t blame him for for not wanting to share, although it must have been tempting for him too consider having another lovely woman helping out.

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    1. I thought so too. He is very nice.
      His ex girlfriend liked the fact he was making a lot of money. She wanted him to spend all of his money on her. He freaked out when he came home and found out she spent his money. Why would you give her access to the account especially after she spent $2200 on a necklace?

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      1. “The way she squeezed his lemon, he fell right out of bed” landed on his head and went temporarily insane. Adapted from The Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin.

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      2. I looked them up on YouTube. Lovely voices very provocative. Somehow I don’t think Thunder Pussy would be a representation of the ex. More like the new girl friend. I mean they are lovely provocative and can get things done.
        Perhaps the ex is like Paris Hilton

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      3. I didn’t know Paris sang. A woman like Paris would be able to get away with a lot. Which reminds me. I don’t have TV, so I can be culturally challenged at times. Some years ago I would hear people talking about Paris Hilton, but I thought the were talking about a Hilton Hotel in Paris. One day while in line at the grocery store, I noticed a headline in a gossip magazine that read “Paris Hilton Sex Tape Scandal” or something like that. I picked up the mag, flipped through it, and discovered Paris Hilton is a bombshell blonde heiress of the Hilton family. Here’s a video of my favorite Italian Rappers, J-Ax and Fedez, with T-Pain. About the middle of the video they visit Paris Hilton. https://youtu.be/IpBSIS9ZNZM

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      4. Yes Paris and her ex- best friend were known for their reality show the Simple Life. The premise was they would go to some town live with a middle class family and work a minimum wage job.
        These girls were from wealthy families so they had no idea how the “real” world worked. Paris believed Wal-mart sold walls. She almost wrecked a truck by driving in neutral. They worked drive thru. Oh that was a disaster.
        That sex tape ended her friendship with her best friend. Her bff thought it would be funny to have a party and watch it as a joke.

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  2. He’s lucky he got rid of that last girl. He’s also fortunate he has found one who cooks and works. I didn’t work, just cooked. My bed skills are better now, but that is a different story! lol
    I agree. That C word is difficult for people to understand. They just don’t know how to react. Live on, my dear girl. Live on!

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    1. Would you have preferred to work if you were to go back and do it again? I hope your husband appreciates all that you have done 💕😍🤗 I think being a stay at home wife is just as hard as a working wife.
      I don’t think I would cut out as wife. But at the same time I wonder in a different time and place I would be caring loving and a wonderful wife 💕🤔


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