I was really excited to spend my birthday in Prespatou. I had been planning it for days!

On Mainstreet there is a store with a tiny diner that serves traditional Mennonite food! I was really looking forward to trying it! Afterwards we would then visit my Paternal Grandparents graves.

I love going to Prespatou. 

My maternal grand father used to own the store before he died. He used to own a lot of land but he sold most of it and moved with my grandmother to Warman, Saskatchewan.

My plans however fell through because it was raining. The roads were horrible.

I resigned myself to spending my birthday alone and lowkey. However, My cousin, who I haven’t heard from in awhile messaged me to wish me a happy birthday. I was so surprised and happy to hear from her! It definitely made my morning.

In the afternoon I spent sometime with my niece and sister. My sister’s cat had kittens and I was debating whether or not to adopt one of them. I love cats! 

My parents completely forgot my birthday. My mother called me up and apologized for forgetting. I told her it was alright. She asked what I would like for my birthday dinner tomorrow. Every year I have had the same dinner. Either spaghetti or roasted chicken with apricot jam glaze.  When I asked if I could have spaghetti my mother made a sound. I sighed. Then asked if I could have chicken. Didn’t matter what kind of chicken. She then asked what I wanted for my birthday. 

 I asked for a cake. When I am asked what kind, I thought about it. I really wanted a decadent cake. I knew she would have a fit because its “sugary” so I asked for an Angel Food Cake or a store bought one. Again she made a sound. Then she said how about she makes me the Angel food cake. “I know exactly what to get you for your birthday. Do you remember what you wanted?” she crowed. I frowned. No, I didn’t. It will be a surprise I guess.

It appeared that I would have to make my own birthday dinner as well. I guess I wasnt being spoiled this year! I had a sad looking cupboard. Hardly anything in it.
I decided to try a new recipe from Ricardo. Sour cream noodles.
It wasnt bad.

I am getting closer to being a reclusive cat lady! I just need the cats!


4 thoughts on “A LOW KEY BIRTHDAY

  1. Not really liking this. I’m more annoyed for you. I would have celebrated EVERY moment of your day with you. Or at least the part that was not taken up by the books I’d have given you first off! lol
    Happy late Birthday and may your next one be a LOT better and your next year be less wearing on your cute self. xoxoxo

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    1. Thank you Kris.
      I think that would have been fun!
      Books would be an excellent gift. I got a book once by my Japanese foreign exchange student. I was so stunned! Because it was a historical romance and it turned to be one of my favourites!
      At least I got my angel food cake 😂💕
      I also got a pot! I was happy about that!

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