It had started to rain. I love the smell of rain.

I re-organised my books, added over 20 more eBooks to my ever growing list of TO-READ and contemplated on asking if my sister and niece would like to come over to watch a movie.

I rarely ask anyone over. My former neighbors were such party-poopers and it became tiresome to apologise every time we were a bit loud. (we were a 3 on the volume scale)

My mobile rang. My sister asked if I would like to go for a drive with her and my niece. I said ok. She would pick me up after dinner.

I was wondering when she would call to let me know when she would pick me up. I finished dinner and was putting my dishes away, when I glanced outside. There she was parked in my parking spot.

I felt a surge of annoyance. How long had she been out there? Using my Wi-Fi? That had to be one of my pet peeves.

I didn’t rush to get ready. Clearly she was in no rush. I walked out to the car and asked why she didn’t let me know she was outside. “I wanted to use your wi-fi”

I fixed her a glare, “How about you use mom’s” I replied.

“Oh Grandma had company” My niece chirped. We went for a nice drive to the airport. Then to our parents where my sister had to pick up laundry. While we waited in the car, I remarked on how well  my niece did on her make up.

She was wearing foundation, high lighter and a bright red lipstick. “Did you put high lighter on your nose” I asked.

She nodded. Ah 13 year olds. The most make up I ever did at her age was lip gloss, blue mascara and foundation. Ah blue mascara! That was so back in the day.

My sister returned and we were on our way to Wal-mart. I rummaged in my purse to see if I had concealer or foundation. I didn’t look my best. I found some and began to put some on.

I was chatting away happily when I glanced down at the bottle I was holding.

It wasnt concealer or foundation. “Oh no” I exclaimed in dismay. “This is not concealer or foundation!”

“What is it?” my sister asked.

“Eye depuffer!” I groaned. I had smeared eye depuffer all over my face! I quickly opened the visor mirror and to my horror the color was darker than my skin color. “Oh come on!”

My niece found it hilarious! “You look like an orange!”

“It says light to fair!” I pouted. I was trying to blend in the depuffer.

“Now it looks like you have a horrible tan because your neck is white!” my niece was howling with laughter.

I was blending and blending. When we reached the Wal-mart parking lot, I looked over at my sister. “How does it look now?”

“meh” she shrugged.

Great. I was the orange pumpkin strolling through Wal-mart. My sister and niece fighting took my mind off things. “Stop asking Auntie to do stuff for you! You need to do things on your own!” my niece sniped at my sister. “I want a bagel. You are not being very nice! You are rude! Its not nice to tease children with food!”

I felt guilty because I didn’t have my money with me or I would have bought my niece a bagel so I asked if she wanted to go out for lunch this coming weekend. She perked up and said yes.

“I am not working.” my sister told her.

My niece appeared to be sad she couldn’t go for lunch with me. “We can still go.” I told her.

“No she cant, she has her friend staying the night”

“Oh” my niece was so sad. I grinned. “We can still have dinner.”

“oh kay!” she was really excited.

Until I returned home. I said goodbye. I went into my building. Five minutes later glanced out the window and found my sister still in her car. On my WI-FI

I was really annoyed. I decided then to change the WI-FI name. “Have fun with that!” I smirked.  oh the pettiness was real.


  1. Out here, no one in Walmart would take notice of your orangeness, as you would still look more normal than a lot of people who go to Walmart. Back when we were performing flamenco, we would go to Walmart after a show in our costumes and makeup. We looked like all the other people in Walmart at that hour. I love Walmart for all the diversity I encounter there.

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      1. We have several malls which I manage to avoid. Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sprouts, Pets Mart, AutoZone and The StratAcademy (for guitar strings and other guitar parts) are pretty much the only stores I go into these days.

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      2. It is rumoured that we are going to have a Costco but I think that’s all it is a rumour. Every time we try to have something nice, the rent is too high and people don’t want to live because of weather and nothing to do.

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  2. I love how you changed your wifi. Made me laugh! I was annoyed when our Oregon one was changed. I had made a clever name and password…then, while I was in AK, it apparently went wonky and a new wifi was put in. We still have the old one that says it is working, but it isn’t used. I’m sure anyone could use the new one It is basic. So basic, I’m not even saying how cuz it is ridiculous! Stupid.

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    1. My mother said I was mean to do it. Why she never comes to visit and I stopped asking her to come because she complained about the smell of the building. Uh my unit smells great.
      I try to be nice though.

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