What a day!
I am elated, exhausted, grumpy and angry. So many conflicting emotions!

I am now a Cat Grandma! ♥♥♥
It began early this afternoon. I had been getting ready to go out for lunch and to run some errands uptown. I finished my shower, walked into my bedroom to find Daisy under the covers in my bed!

I couldnt believe the nerve of the cat! I stared at her. No! I took her out and laid her underneath the throw blanket. I turned around to find she was trying to burrow back underneath where I usually laid. This cat! No! I again laid her underneath the throw blanket.

I turned my back to her, put on some makeup, put some on clothes when she let out this godawful screech. I whirled around. I was so startled. She let it out again. Panic and fear rushed through me and I hurried over to where she laid. “Daisy? What is it girl?” I cried. She let out another howl.

I almost fainted. Her water had broken in my bed! I never thought she was that far along. I carefully carried her to the floor. She never nested like Memphis, my sister’s cat. So everytime I would make a bed for her she would reject it.

I was panicking! I was like those father’s to be in a tv show. Not knowing what to do. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off!  I brought out the bedding I made for her in the living room and laid her on it. I called my sister in a panic. My sister laughed at me. She thought it was funny how I was such a disaster!

However, when the actual birthing started I almost fainted again, because the cat ate the afterbirth? was it the afterbirth? it was huge and red? I almost barfed. 

Daisy had a difficult birthing. She would howl  every time a kitten would pop out. Oh they were so cute! Each baby would wiggle and move. Go straight back towards her ass. The third baby, Daisy almost took off my hand when I went to pet Daisy’s head. I was reassuring her and she was having none of it. The poor girl was in pain. My sister came over and we had lunch together. When she went to go out to go buy our lunch, I was busy trying to tidy up a bit and calm down. I didnt even know she had the fourth kitten because Daisy was so quiet. My sister and I were eating our lunch. We go check on Daisy and there was this one other kitten! Huh!My sister and I went uptown quickly to run errands. I returned home to wash my sheets and blankets. I hauled everything downstairs. Only to find out the property management didnt bother telling me we no longer had a laundry room. I had been home a month or two and not one word! I was livid! I was staring at the locked door and the sign. “Due to theft and vandalism there wont be any laundry service” I almost threw my bottle of laundry soap at the door in anger. I let out a bunch of expletives. “Selfish assholes!” I shouted, “Stop ruining everything for everybody!” I stomped my way back upstairs. I washed my bedroom floor, remade Daisy’s bed with old blankets and settle down to blog. only WP was being a bitch as well! 

4 thoughts on “I AM A CAT GRANDMA

  1. That was quite entertaining. You didn’t know cats eat the afterbirth? Most animals do. When we were car camping in Italy years ago, we were at one farm, camping in an olive grove. The farm cat slept with me every night we were there. The morning we left, I was packing the car and noticed I hadn’t seen the cat. I opened the driver’s side door to put some things in the console, and there was the cat. She had kittens on the floorboard. I asked the farmer for a box, and we got her and her kittens moved to the barn. All our cats are spayed and neutered, so our kitties don’t have kittens. Do you have a laundromat nearby where you can do washing?

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    1. No I didn’t know that. I knew cats sometimes eat sickly runts but didn’t know they ate the after birth. I hope it was the afterbirth.
      Yes there is a laundry mat nearby. Down the street but for one load it’s like $10. I refuse to go to it. After double checking the cost for a machine I did my uniform there last year. It advertised the machine accepted .25 so I was excited. I only had 4 loonies. I asked to change my loonies to .25 The lady says 1 load =$10 i nearly had a stroke. To say I was angry was an understatement! I ended up using interact. I told her to change the ad. She said it meant we except $10 worth of quarters. Um no it’s says quarters. Nothing about loonies! So never again. 😡🙁🤦‍♀️


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