I took a Tylenol before going to bed last night. The last couple of nights had been rough. Waking up with aches and pains, the bed sheets on the floor from my tossing and turning. Ugh. Of course Anxiety.

I have no idea where this particular anxiety came from. It started the moment I took Daisy in. At first I was fine. I wasnt too worried about her. Until my sister started to tell me about Her cat Memphis. How Memphis was dealing with her pregnancy. I would double check Daisy. Cuddle with her. Sleep with Daisy. Treat Daisy as if she was my baby.

Then the birth happened. Oh my gawd! That traumatized me for life. Hearing Daisy howl like that. I have dealt with cats in pain before. My cat Max had UTI and despite us treating him well, he ultimately died from Kidney failure and old age. He was in a lot of pain. That was horrible. My cat Buddy died from old age, and he just looked rough. Hair falling out, skinny not eating. We really treated our pets like babies. Spoiled them rotten. They had the best life possible.

I couldn’t understand whenever I would close my eyes I would have images of a cat dying a horrible torturous death. Hearing Daisy meow and chattering to her kittens during the night didn’t help. I was always afraid something happened to her.

I was up checking on her. Every few hours. Driving myself crazy. I couldn’t imagine if I was a real mom. Oh I would need psychiatric help!

I would listen to music with my earbuds in, have my sleeping mask on just so I could keep my anxiety at bay. Try to get some sleep.

Finally last night I took a Tylenol. Oh it didn’t work. I was still achy, my anxiety was still high. I got up, paced awhile. I was going to work in a couple of days this couldn’t keep happening. I decided to sleep with a crystal. Selenite.

I placed the crystal on my thigh, closed my eyes. BAM! I was out! No more pain. No more anxiety. Didn’t wake up til the smell of Daisy’s poop permeated through out the apartment.

That was a great wake up call! Gag!!!

I am praying my sleep will be better tonight. I work tomorrow! ♥♥♥



  1. Nothing like a super stinky cat poop to bring you out of a slumber gagging and coughing. Between anxiety and going back to work anxiety, you are having a rough time of it.

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