I had a dream last night that was cringe worthy.

I dont remember much only that I was working again. I had to train rich kids. They were really young adults. 21 year olds.  Trust fund babies that lacked life skills. DI kids. (diplomat immunity kids) These teenagers had no idea how to survive in the real world. All they knew how to do was spend money, eat fancy food, party and sleep. Their parents had cut them off. No money, no credit cards, no fancy cars. Nothing. They were on their own. They had to go on transit! I hate transit.

They didn’t know how to do chores. Forget about cleaning their apartments, cooking for themselves. Making their beds, choosing their clothes? They had to shop retail and they lost their collective shit!

These kids had to work at a fast food store, and I had to show them how to do their jobs. Oh my god that was a nightmare. I had to train them how to be polite oh the pain!

I dont know what happened but suddenly there was an explosion. There was goop everywhere. Corrosive, toxic.  I was trying to get them to safety. They were in a safe house lounging around. Complaining as usual. I stumbled and found myself in one of the teenager’s lap. He was good looking. He grinned. I tried to free myself, but he was copping a feel of my ass.

His friend leered “she has a luscious ass. A nutritious ass. I wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of that ass.”

That is when I woke up. A nutritious ass? What the hell kind of pick up line is that?


  1. Sound like a bit (or should I say a bite?) of anxiety about going back to work. Cannibal rich kids maybe? Hard to say what kind of Freudian fru fra is behind a nutritious ass.

    Speaking of Bite, several years ago our office manager and I were talking about how most of our evaluators were clueless and unobservant about the changes and updates I made to the web apps they used. So I put a “Bite Me!” link on the main application, which had a bite photo or a witty bite me saying pop-up if they clicked on it. I don’t know if any of the evaluators noticed the Bite Me! link or not, but, sure enough, the only person who clicked on the Bite Me! link was our office manager. She loved it, and I had to come up with new Bite Me’s every time I updated the applications or she would bitch at me for not giving her a laugh or two.

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    1. Luscious ass does sound fabulous.
      I don’t enjoy being a basket case of emotions. I cry at everything, thanks to no ovaries lol. Anxiety doesn’t help either. I try my best.
      I hope you are doing well 🤗🥰


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