I had a long night dealing with a grumpy picky cat! She didn’t want to eat the food I gave her. The kittens were beginning to escape their box, so I said screw this and went to bed. My anxiety was through the roof!

Woke up to a cacophony of meowing. I got up and one of the kittens had actually escaped the box and was lying with Daisy. I burst out laughing. She wasn’t thrilled.

I took out the box and went back to sleep.

Chemo brain hit me hard this morning. Whenever I was conversing with my mother I was struggling with words, I kept calling Daisy by my late cat’s name, Tippy.

By the time I got to work I had recovered somewhat. I was in a good mood.

Until customers were ordering coffee. “I will have a large coffee double double” I would punch every thing in and just as I am about to take money “seniors discount”

My eye began to twitch. “No,” I announced finally after the sixth order like that. “This is how you order your coffee. A senior large coffee!”

The middle age “Karen” looked at me, “does it really matter?”

“Do you really want your coffee?” I replied.



5 thoughts on “TO BE FAIR

  1. I’ll take a half caf decaf, strawberry mocha, with slightly frothed half and half, poured together not stirred. Got it? No? Okay. A senior large coffee will do. Why do seniors get discounts? Seniors are the ones who have money around here. I’m going to be able to get more of those discounts in a few years. They need millennial discounts.

    Pretty soon you are going to have a cacophony of kitties bouncing all over your apartment. What fun. Speaking of cats and senior discounts, when I got Najar from the animal shelter the normal cost to adapt a kitty was $75, but since it was between Christmas and New Years I got a holiday discount, and then I got a discount for being over 50, and then there was some other special, so I walked out the door with Najar, spade, shots and chipped for $10. What a deal she was.

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    1. Oh the strawberry mocha doesn’t sound good. It bit difficult to build! Lol but sounds better than the peppermint green tea mocha that was floating around here for awhile🤢🤮
      The spca is expensive for shots and neutering. $145 that’s for low income I think.
      You had a pretty good deal!
      I’m dreading the day when all the cats start using litter box. Gross. 😂

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      1. I only drink coffee black. I thought strawberry mocha didn’t sound very good, but then some people dip strawberries in chocolate. Your city should subsidize spaying and neutering to get a much lower price to encourage people to spay and neuter.

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      2. Strawberry dipped in chocolate is yummy but I don’t know why that taste is so gross when it’s applied to other desserts 😂
        My city has numbnuts running council but you would think they should. It’s not that other organizations are trying, they are. It’s hard to fundraise 🙂

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