Until now I was on orders. It was nice. No stress. No customer attitude. It was like I never left.

I was so polite so kind it would have made a person puke!

I was also happy because the espresso machine was down and I was crushing people’s dreams! Screw you and your pumpkin spice latte! This woman couldn’t understand why she couldn’t have her PSL. “Then I will have a mocha”



I was cackling evilly in the corner!

While I was happy and goofy my patience was wearing thin. A customer asked for snack wraps. No problem. Then asked for a wrap. (A big wrap) I asked what kind. Caesar, Bacon or Cajun. He made a disgruntled sound. “I said a wrap”

“Caesar, Bacon or Cajun” I repeated.

He thought I was being stupid and tried to draw me a picture! I cracked my neck, my anger growing. “Sir pick which wrap you would like!”

“Doesn’t it come with ranch?”

I had to walk into my corner so Steve couldn’t hear my grumbling. “No! Which is why I’m asking you what kind you would like!”

He asked for another snack wrap.

First booth apparently was annoying First lane by not communicating. First lane kept looking at me “Rebecca, he isn’t acknowledging us when we tell him something!”

I blinked. Steve was standing right there. Why tell me?

I sighed “First booth please say yes or thank you when we are speaking to you” I instructed. Silence. Was I talking to myself? “Was that a thank you?”

First lane shrugged as if to tell me “I told you so”

I scowled. “I dont care if he is a manager’s kid he will follow procedure!”

First Lane grinned. 

Not even a few minutes later First booth paid several wrong orders

“Are you reading the orders back?” I finally snapped

“What?” First booth said.

I blinked.

“Read back the orders!” I almost shouted. I quickly made sure Steve wasnt behind me. Last thing I wanted was to get in trouble!  

The next order drives up to the speaker “can I get a proper order taker?”

I slowly drew myself up from grabbing something underneath the counter. Who the hell was that? Chad? Goddamn it! I began to laugh. “No you can’t! Can I get a proper customer?” I shot back. I was puzzled. How did he recognize my voice? I was gone for 7 months.

“No” he replied. 

I was having a really good day.

Now I just have to go home and chill. Recover.

2 thoughts on “GETTING INTO THE FLOW

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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