I had to bite my tongue this afternoon.

Just being a little spicy with my attitude.

Just because I was gone for awhile didn’t mean I was new, the customers sure treated me like I was. Imagine their surprise!

A woman walked up to my till. I smiled and greeted her. “I would like a wrap meal”

I asked her if she wanted Cajun, Caesar or Bacon. She chose Bacon. She finished ordering and went to sit down. A few minutes later after receiving her meal she returned to complain.

“I think you misheard me” she told me. “I wanted a kids meal”

I smiled, oh I didn’t misheard you lady. Why would I ask you what kind of wrap if you ordered a happy meal? We only have 1 kind of snack wrap.

A customer who was so super friendly it was scary, ordered the “$5 Mc Pick mc value meal”

I groaned inwardly. Don’t make it hard for every body. Just say a mc double or jr chicken meal. “Extra onion and pickle”

I was punching it in and he repeated the order slowly “that’s. A. Mc double. Right?”

My head lifted to meet his eyes. The smile faded from his lips when he saw my expression. “Pop to drink?” I asked.

“Um yes” he hurried to pay and rushed over to the pick up counter.

I giggled.

Another customer ordered the $5 meal and I asked if he wanted just a pop to drink.

He scowled. “No I wanted a $5 meal”

My eyebrow rose. “I am asking if you want pop”

“Oh yeah” he replied.

When I began to take orders in drive thru I had to be careful Steve was there. But oh my Gulay!🤬

A customer took 2 minutes to order 2 double Big Macs alone. I was trying to pour coffee and he was drawing every vowel and consonant. Then he wanted meals. I aged 10 years!

A customer ordered a salad. “Grilled chicken or crispy?” I asked.

“Are you saying the salad is gross?”

I face palmed myself. “No why would I say the salad is gross? I was asking you would you like grilled chicken?”

First lane looked over at me. “Oh Becky!”


She burst out laughing.

A customer ordered “extra large coffee. Double double.” I punched in the coffee. Paused “senior”

My eye twitched. “I am sorry?”

“Those are senior discounts”

“So you would like to order a senior extra large coffee?” I repeated. I voided the order. The customer got angry.

“I’m sorry sir, I had to void the order you didn’t order the coffee properly” I explained ever so sweetly. “I had to punch it in again”

“Becky!” Annie gasped.

“I’m gone 7 months and you let my drive thru go to hell!” I replied. “Now I have to re-train the customers properly!”

A customer who once gave me shit, because she didn’t order her cheeseburgers properly, pulled up to the speaker. She was too busy talking on the phone to pay attention to what she was doing. “I want a kids chicken burger no bun”

I grimaced. “You mean a chicken burger meal? The number five?”

She made an impatient sound, said something on her phone. Repeated “a chicken kids burger no bun” a bit louder.

“We don’t have that in a kids meal”

“I.wanted. A. Cheeseburger.” She spoke slowly as if I was a dimwit. Anger surged through me. “Happy meal. No. Bun!!!”

I punched in the order.

“That’s plain right?”

“Did you order plain?” I asked.

“Well that’s what I want!”

I had forgotten how busy it got in drive thru with coffee. We had to use the huge coffee carafes! I was a mess! I did ok! I missed working with my drive thru team!


2 thoughts on “BEING A LITTLE SPICY

    1. Thank you! I try not to write negatively in my posts because I want to be more positive when I write… but gosh darn it!
      Oh well I am always astounded and laughing at the same time by the way people are so clueless! 🤦‍♀️😂

      Liked by 1 person

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