Last night Daisy came into my room and jumped on to my bed. She laid next to me and put her paw on my hand.

She did this numerous times during the night until I woke up this morning to find her at my feet sleeping. On the wrong side of the bed!

She likes to sleep on the left where there is lots of room.

who needs a Cpap machine when you have a cat? (I wasn’t cleared for a cpap. I was so excited to have one too!)

I miss cuddling cats.

Poor Daisy has been having strokes because the kittens have been escaping her bed. Yesterday they finally ventured out into the living room. It was a trying day for her.

I swear the cat has bags underneath her eyes!!!

9 thoughts on “DAISY THE WONDER CAT

      1. I’m having a lot trouble with WordPress. It’s only allowing me to Like and comment on posts through the WP Reader. Either way, that’s a long scroll to the bottom of your blog. I don’t have instagram, but the photos that are on your sidebar are cute.

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      2. Yes I’m having a horrible time with WP too. Especially with writing and posting now with customizing. I’m trying to move the widget up and not being successful 😡🙁

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