I had a rough weekend.

Took me awhile to recover from Friday. I had been in First, which meant standing in one spot four hours straight. Then after work finally moving. Did me no favors. I could barely move. I was like an old woman.

so imagine my grumpiness when the scheduling manager calls me into his office. He wanted to know if I could increase my hours next week. I stared at him. “No.” I replied flatly, “I am not ready for increased hours. Its too tiring.” I had a doctor’s note that stressed that I was not to exceed 4 hours. I was pushing 4 1/2 hours.

He made a sound. “Its time to start pushing yourself.” he told me.

My eyes narrowed. Really? I have never felt sorry for myself. I have always worked myself when I was sick. I worked until the day I was admitted until the hospital. He was comparing his sore back to my cancer diagnosis. Bitch please!

“I will not be increasing my hours.” I walked out of his office.

I was happy to be on orders all day. It was fun. We were singing songs.

Of course there were some customers that were beginning to annoy me.

A customer was mumbling his request. I kept asking him to repeat himself because I couldn’t understand what he was saying. “Extra ice!”

“Enunciate your words!” I exploded, “it will keep you alive.”

Another customer changed her order and keep repeating it. A no no. Do not keep repeating your order unless we ask you to. If you repeat it without us asking, it implies you want double the order. “Its on the screen!” I snapped. I had to walk away from the till.


One of the girls dared me to post something about VSCO girls on our WTF  town page  on Facebook. I said ok.


“yes I will do it.”

The girls wouldn’t believe I could do something silly. Are you kidding? I had taken orders with a box on my head. I did the Carleton Dance in Lobby in front of customers. I took orders as a Valley Girl, I also took orders in a sexy voice. I am a big goof ball!

After work I posted the VSCO thing on Facebook. I was surprised by how many other ladies were SkSkSk.

Related image

It was a good end to a rough morning 🙂



      1. That’s what we manager types do. I had a large job using three of our evaluators last year. I had a tight schedule, and they started whining at me that I was working them too hard. So I got the client to extent the schedule, which was a problem the facility’s schedules. Then the three evaluators got pulled off on another job, so I borrowed two young architect interns from the architecture firm that shares space with us to finished the job. We had gone through about a quarter of the facilities when the two young women started. I kept the same schedule, but divided the facilities between the two. After two weeks in the field they asked if we could meet on the schedule. I was thinking “Oh crap, I’m working them too hard.” Much to my surprise, they wanted to do more facilities each week. I got permission from the client to rearrange the schedule again. But with the interns wanting to do more facilities each week, I was able to get back on schedule and finish the evaluations by the original deadline.

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      2. I am appreciative how kind and generous he was while I was sick but a person should not be pushed while they are working upon coming back. I worked myself almost to death as it was 😂

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