If you were single and quite wealthy how would you weed out the gold diggers?

I am neither rich nor poor, however the last seven months had me living paycheque to paycheque. I feel extremely grateful that I am not in dire straits due to my treatment. my friend was not so lucky.

That is not answering the question. If I was rich and about to date someone, I would hope I was savvy enough to keep my wealth on the down lo.

I would meet my date in a low key restaurant, not too fancy. My clothes off the rack, rather than designer. Since I don’t drive and I distrust Uber and cabs I would hire a car. Nothing too flashy.

Like my favourite character Oliver Rain (wildest hearts by Jayne Ann Krentz) I would have a dossier on my date.

We would have low key dates for awhile. Asking them about their goals in life, aspirations etc.

Start gauging their reaction to things like:

I don’t have transportation

I like simple life simple pleasures

Would they terribly mind if I bought them a thoughtful gift not an expensive (at first)

If I was wealthy I would be genuinely grateful for what I have. I would also be generous. Be happy to make others happy.

Maybe I would be ineffective in revealing a gold digger but I would hope I never have to. I would never like to become a gold digger.

I would like to be someone a person could enjoy spending time with. I would like to be loved foremost than perhaps spoiled and my every whim and desire indulged in.


    1. Thank you. While being wealthy would be enjoyable it would also be practical to be aware of other people who would use a person just because they are rich. It’s horrible.
      Egad just thinking about it! I would have paranoia. “Do you only like me because I have money”
      Not a great way to maintain relationships or trust ☺️

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  1. Speaking of gold diggers. I went to a local brew pub with a friend to listen to a local band a couple of Saturdays ago. Ron commented that all the people in the pub were our age or older, and that he’s been noticing that when he goes out to see local groups it’s mostly older folks at the shows.

    I said that’s because old folks have more money than most young people. The only young people in the pub that night were the wait staff, and a couple of young women dressed to kill, who sat on the other side of the pub, but no one paid attention to them. When the band finished playing, Ron and I visited with the musicians while the place emptied out.

    When we walked out of the pub to leave, the two young women dressed to kill were waiting outside, and asked us if we wanted to go to another bar with them. We graciously declined, but they persisted, putting on cute whining and pouting acts begging us to go with them. It didn’t phase us. We left the poor girls all alone. I don’t know how long they had been outside or how many other old guys they asked to go to the bar with them, but they struck out at that scene.

    Ron texted me later asking what I thought the girls were all about asking a couple of old farts to go to a bar with them. “Gold diggers”, I responded. “Ain’t no gold around here!”, he texted back.

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    1. It was a good thing you didnt take them up on their offer. it could have ended up good for them, bad for you. Yikes!
      There have been interesting videos of gold diggers scamming men. Go out for dinner, order the most expensive dinner. Then go to the clubs order bottle service. Then either walk out before the men realize they wont get laid, or the men will walk out when they realized they have been scammed. ouch that would suck.

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