Before work my cat tried to assassinate me. Damn cat almost took off my pinky finger! Which put me in a foul mood.

I bought my mother coffee because she took me to work. I was on Instagram drooling over food grams, when her friends tried to engage me in conversation.

I cheerfully responded until I realized they only asked how I was doing out of politesse. Their lack of interest was evident. Don’t ask how I am doing. I am being seen not heard!

My foul mood ended when I got on shift. I was with my drive team. I was in a wonderful mood. Nothing could bring me down. Not even the fact we had 1 espresso machine down.

I was still the Queen of Pettiness. Enjoying the brutal savagery of how I was slaying my customers.

A customer pulled up to the speaker and “helloed” me. Yet he was stammering his words. “Ummmm”

“Anything else?” I demanded when he managed to form a sentence. “Is there anything else sir?”

“Hold on a minute!”

“Oh I’m sorry! You helloed me as soon as you pulled up. I assumed you were in a hurry!” I replied sweetly.

There was silence, “is there anything else sir?”

“I will have” he was more subdued now. in between orders a manager lifted up my pant leg. Startled I asked her if she was checking if I had black socks on.

“Yes we have a full inspection on Friday. They are checking everything!”

That could explain why the SOCs, manager wearing headsets, just to name a few things.

our tills are really slow on totalling the amount, I explained that to a customer who wanted to know the price of a latte.

“I’m not sure ma’am the till is slow totalling the amount but it’s on sale”

“Well how much of a difference is it that I will be paying?”

I don’t know! my till doesn’t work. After explaining to her it would be in her best interest to find out at the cash window she became bitchy. If you don’t have money for a latte that’s on sale then have a $1 coffee.

I was becoming grumpy because my McCafe person thought I was a newbie so she wasn’t helping and she was ignoring me when I was pointing out procedures.

I finally snapped. “Stop using both coffee machines to pour coffee! Use one at a time or we will run out of coffee!”

She stared at me. “But we have..” she began to protest she was pointing to the other machine that was holding an empty pot. Ok. Yes that would help. One pot compared to the carafe that holds three pots and brews just as fast. A Carafe which would be empty in 10 minutes during a busy rush! Fuck off!

“One coffee machine at a time!”

It was a very busy day!

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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