The hanging flowers reminds me of a hedonistic garden with their lush blooms and fragrance. The alcove is hidden from view of the patio.  The scent of jasmine is heavy on the night air and the smatterings of conversation from dining couples drift in. The smell of food wafts from the restaurant, my stomach growls.

I feel the heat of his body press against my back as he steps up behind me. His breath stirs my hair. Shivers of awareness slithers down my spine, my heart is pounding. “You showed up” he murmurs.

I swallow hard. He always make me feel like awkward teenager. He makes me think of carnal thoughts, dark desires. I wonder if he realizes how truly deprived of his touch of his body I have become. I blink. I needed to stay calm, to keep my mind free of these chaotic sexy thoughts.

“Did you give me a choice?” I manage without my voice sounding like a frightened mouse.Mason’s request that I attend a dinner party thrown by his wife made me wary. I could see disaster happening. 

Mason’s chuckle was hot on my ear. He caresses my throat with his thumb. “You always have a choice.” he murmurs, “one of the things I love about you Becky, is you dont do ultimatiums. You dont suffer fools. You dont let anyone tell you what to do.”

I inhale sharply. My tolerance has its limits. “I made it clear I will not be the reason your marriage ends. Your wife might be understanding, but there is only so much a woman will be able to endure.”

Mason tsked, “Your concern about my wife is touching,” there is a slight edge in his voice, “may I suggest you focus on you and I.”

“As you wish,” 

“Your compliance is endearing,” Mason smooths his hands down my arms to encircle my waist. “I like this submissive part of you”

My derisive snort makes him chuckle. Mason knows I dislike any talk about submitting to him. I dislike anything that makes me relinqlish control. Even in my bed. Mason glories in those moments when I fall apart, a quivering mess when I come. Mason is the only man who could ever make me lose control. 

“What is the real reason you want me here,” I ask, trying not to let him know where my thoughts are, and the beginnings of an uncomfortable heat between my thighs.

“I am going to push your limits.”

I am confused by his answer. “Excuse me.”

A couple walks  by us, and I feel the heat of his body leave me, as he moves to greet them. They dont see me. I am hidden in the shadows.

I could barely make out their conversation I can hear Mason laughing. He waits for them to move on before returning to me. He gathers me close. His hands on my waist, settling my dampening pussy on the hard ridge of his cock.

“I’ve been thinking about this for days,” he breaths as he slowly grinds against me “Making you cum in public. Would you squirm? would you make sounds? be quiet? would you stop me?”

His words shock me. He wants to fuck me while his wife and family were right there? I could feel my heart race with excitement. I am almost breathless at the imagery my mind conjurs.

“It shocks you?” his laughter teases my ear. The sharp nip of his teeth on my ear makes me grind against him. “It shouldn’t. I want you at any time, any where. I want you with me. I want to be in your bed, inside you fulfilling your every need and desire” he pauses as if to deliberate over his words carefully. “I love that you are mine” the possessiveness in his tone makes my body tremble. My heart races. “You are mine alone to indulge in. a sweet dessert”

“Your wife the main course” I say cheekily.

“Your jealousy is almost endearing as it is tedious!” He admonishes.

I dont say anything. “My sweet little prude,” he nuzzles my throat, “such a freak in a bed. Do you know how much it excites me that you have not been any other man’s bed but my own. That your body responds to my touch,  that no other man has ever made you this wet.” as if to make his point, Mason slides his hand between us. Between my legs. “No panties good girl!” he seeks the wet slick folds of my pussy with his fingers. He strokes my slit. I let out a sound. He flicks my clit and then slowly withdraws his hand.

“shall we go inside?” he chuckles at my frustrated whimper. 

I leave the patio first, shooting Mason him a glare as I walk past him. He grins. Knowing what awaits me gives me the shivers.

I am shown to the table by a waiter. I am dismayed to see that Mason has invited more than his wife to dinner. There are faces I dont recognise. Mason’s wife greets me and introduces me to Mason’s friends and their wives. Lily is a beautiful woman that draws people to her like bees to flowers. Her kind nature is hard to dislike. I am wondering if she knows about her husband’s pursuit of me.

Mason finally appears. He kisses Lily on the cheek and takes his seat between us. His hand settles on my thigh.

His touch feather light, hot on my skin, caressing upward.

His eyes would met mine on occasion, their electric blue depths boring into mine with unfathomable heat. His lips curving into a smile over the rim of his wine glass as he watches my skin bloom with colour.

I am having difficulty concentrating on the conversation around me, the people around me fade I am focused only on him.

My body is hot, the ache between my thighs uncomfortable as his fingers brush closer to my pussy, my hand drops to my lap. To stop him? I am so flustered I am not sure of what I want.

His eyes narrow. A warning. Stop him and face the consequences later.

He is enjoying every minute that I try to maintain some semblance of control.

Maybe it’s out of impatience or maybe I am being bold but I grab his hand and push it up between my thighs. I almost sigh in bliss when he cups my pussy.

A slight sound beside him catches my attention and I glance over at Lily. Her eyes are closed. Her cheeks are flush.

It is then I notice Mason’s hands aren’t in view. He is casually conversing with a man across the table. Lily’s lips part. It takes me a second to realize he is finger fucking her.

I almost cum. I wonder what she tastes like. As if he senses my gaze upon his wife, Mason shifts his eyes to me.

“You may” he murmurs.

I am astonished that he knows what I want. “What?”

“Don’t be obtuse” he chuckles “you have been wanting to fuck my wife since I got you in my bed” he flicks my clit. “If you make her scream here I will reward you with anything you want”

My heart jumps. “Anything?”

He laughs “I will even take you to South Korea”

My eyes bulge. “Oh Mason that’s too much” I was breathless.

I scoot down under the table. Lily is wearing no panties like me. She flinches at the touch of my hands on her knees. She freezes. I can hear her gentle fretting but Mason’s firm voice makes her relax.

Her thighs open, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy, her pink glistening lips beckons to be tasted.

I waste no time. I lick her slit parting her lips. Her hips jerk as I tease her, avoiding her clit. She is drenching my face with her juice as I enjoy her.

Strong hands surprise me by taking holding of my head, it’s Mason. He strokes my hair. Lily’s feet lift off the floor to position themselves on my shoulders. She is angling herself for a pussy eating and she is letting me know not to fuck around.

I can hear people moving around us, the conversation lively. Yet I still can’t hear Lily’s whimpers.

I begin to eat her out, my tongue lashing out at her clit, circling it before I clamp my lips on the swollen nub.

I hear her let out a moan. A whimper of pleasure. She is churning her hips, grinding against my mouth as my finger slides deep into her clenching hole. Not one but two fingers. Her hips jerk.

My other hand is not idle. I seek the hard length of Mason’s cock through his trousers. The hot thick length jerks at my touch.

His hands ease off my head and he opens his fly for me, reaching inside to pull out his cock.

I wrap my fingers around him and began to fist his cock in a slow agonizing motion.

Lily is twitching in her seat as I finger fuck her hard, I suck her clit.

Suddenly she lets out a shriek as I hook my fingers on her sweet spot and her cum sprayed me in the face.

I can hear murmurs of concerns from her dinner party as she grinds on my face. She is loving my mouth on her. She is moaning softly as she comes down from her orgasm.

I smile as Mason’s cock jerk in my hand. I turn my attention to Mason. My devotion to him is painstakingly slow. I lave the length of his cock with my tongue. Swirling my tongue along the head. Ropes of cum hit the back of my throat. I suck the head, every drop into my mouth.

After a few minutes Mason hands me a napkin and I wipe my face.

I climb from underneath the table. A few eyebrows rise, my eyes meet Lily’s as I take my seat.

Her eyes are wide as she comprehends what has happen between us. Mason’s murmurs in her ear and her eyes flashes with anger and then hurt.

I should feel guilty but I don’t. I enjoy every moment making her cum. Mason’s hand covers mine.

I am amazed at how he continues on with his party, engaging others in light banter. He thumbs my wrist as if to sooth any agitation that may rise.

Lily sees his loving affection for me. Her passion glazed eyes has cooled, she sips her champagne quietly.

“Would you like to join me on the dance floor” Mason asks. I smile.

The music is a sultry smooth slow number for which I am grateful. Mason guides me into his arms once we are the floor.

His body is hard and warm against my own. “I haven’t forgotten” he whispers. His mouth hovers over mine.

What did he mean? I am captivated by his eyes, by the subtle ease of his thigh between mine.

He is rocking against me. Grinding the hard ridge of his cock against the dampening heat of my pussy.

I whimper. His hands are on my ass, palming them. I cling to him.

His hand snakes between us. If one was to really look, they would see him unzipping his fly. Lifting my skirt up just enough to reveal my pink glistening folds.

“Mason?” He hears the slight panic in my voice. He lifts me up onto my toes, I feel the nudge of his cock.

The song is ending, Mason slowly eases into me. With an impatient curse he lifts me abit more then impales me on his thick cock.

I almost cry out as his cock forces itself deep inside me.

He chuckles. “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable”

Somewhere? Is a nearby chair near the hall. There is surprisingly no one around, Mason takes advantage.

Sitting down, he makes me straddle him. His hands on my ass, lifting and dropping me on his cock. His hips driving upwards.

I am whimpering near orgasmic bliss. my clit is rubbing against the ridge of his pubic bone, the cool metal of his zipper and the rasp of the material of his trousers are excruciating contrasts.

“Yes” I plea “yes Mason”

“Tell me what you want!” He devours my mouth in a kiss.

“Make me cum” I watch his eyes glaze over at my words. “Fill me with your cum.”

“Fuck!” He breathes. His thrusts are more savage, more forceful. I almost cry out from the pain then the agony of pleasure. The chair creaks under our weight.

I cum. Mason’s mouth covers mine as he swallows my cries. He rains little kisses down my jawline. “Oh baby you are so wild” he grins.

I can barely speak. He holds me close as I ride out the tremor of my orgasm. I smile dreamily up at him.

“You haven’t cum yet?” I kiss him.

Mason chuckles but his expression is pained. “I’m thinking of you walking back to the table with my cum dripping down your legs”

I have never heard him talk so dirty, and I am blushing yet turned on by the imagery his words provoke.

“If you don’t cum now that won’t happen!” I manage breathlessly.

His cock throbs in my pussy. Mason’s blue eyes blaze, he groans at my words. His cum shoots in me, triggering another orgasm.

He strokes my hair, holding me close as if I was his most cherished possession.

He sighs. “I think we should go back now” he helps me to stand. His trousers have seen better moments. I giggle as he makes an exit to the rest room.

I lower my dress. The sticky mess of our cum is trickling down my thighs.

What a truly adventurous night.