After an exhausting day of being on my best behaviour and almost having to use PowerPoint presentations on clueless customers I was happy to be off.

Dinner was a disaster at my parents. A lot of fighting. I became so frustrated and hurt because every time I would say something no one listen.

I wasn’t being patient enough. Patient? How could I be patient when I was being shouted at for replying to a question. No one would listen to me because they were nagging my niece and I would have to constantly explain and repeat myself!

I finally snapped. “You are not listening to me! I already explained my answer to your question!”

I can be either even tempered or very volatile. Tonight something inside me broke. I was really hurt by my parents ranting. I stormed out of the house when my sister arrived. I was so angry I was screaming obscenities at my parents. I told my sister to open the trunk. I still couldn’t open it. I punched the trunk of my sister’s car. She was just sitting there on her phone. “Open the fucking trunk!” I shouted. I needed to put my laundry away so we could go

I was opening the trunk of my sisters car when I heard the squeal of tires. I closed the trunk and turned. Just in time to see a truck speed up on ice.

Spin out, drive over my parents yard. Straight towards me. I had enough time to move out of the way or I would have been crushed against my sister’s car. Because I move slowly out of physical exhaustion that was a miracle!

He barely missed her car.

now I was in a real state! Panicking and angry I marched to the passenger side of the car.

“You!” I jabbed a finger at my niece she was crying because I scared her when I punched the car. I didn’t care. I was in a rage! “need to start listening when someone asks you to do something! I am tired of getting in shit because you keep saying no!”

My sister was still on her phone she had not noticed that a truck almost hit her car. Now she perked up. “You don’t talk to my daughter like that!”

“You shut up!” I snarled “I was almost hit by a truck and you didn’t even notice! I got in trouble by mom and dad because k kept refusing to do anything that was asked of her!”

unfortunately I had to go back inside the house. I went back inside. I told my parents I was almost hit by truck.

“Oh my god Becky what the hell were you doing in the middle of the street?” My mom demanded angrily.

I stared at her then at my dad in disbelief. “I wasn’t in the middle of the street! I was in your driveway!” I shouted. “You weren’t listening to me!”

All I could think of, not one of them was paying attention. I could’ve been hit and who would have found me

I prayed for a drama free day.

4 thoughts on “A SCARY END

  1. I often wish you were ‘closer’. I’d text to you all the time! I can’t use messenger unless I’m online, but when and if I do get full time internet on my phone, I’ll be in your pocket always!

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