“Do you really think I will let you go” he breathed against my lips, his hands framing my face. “You’re all I think about, corrupting my thoughts, to the point all I want is to possess you. To disrupt the life you’ve neatly made for yourself”

My heart pounded at his words. They were everything I wanted to hear, but how could They be so bittersweet?

“You shouldn’t say something you’ll regret”

Something flashed in his eyes. “Regret? Oh Angel, the only thing I will regret is not having you in my bed, in my life!”

His mouth covered mine. The heat of his lips burned mine as his kiss deepened. His fingers stroked over my cheeks down the line of my jaw to curve along my throat. His tongue rasped over mine.

He was demanding my submission from a simple kiss. The mastery of his touch was creating an unbearable ache between my thighs. I pressed myself against him, my nails digging into his chest. I wanted more. No, I needed more of him.

He lifted his head, leaving me dazed. “I promised myself no sweets” he growled in amusement, “but you? I can devour and not feel guilty”

My cheeks were hot at his words. “Candy?” I chuckled, embarrassed.

“Oh yeah,” he all but purred. His hands took purchase of my shirt and yanked at it. The material ripping surprisingly easily. I let out a startled shriek. “I wonder how many licks will it take to make you cum”

His eyes narrowed appreciatively on my breasts. “I never understood why you were two bras” he murmured he traced the black bandanna then snaked the straps off my shoulders to reveal the matching bralett.

I shivered in delicious anticipation “I have sensitive nipples”

He grinned, “I see” he slowly circled the hardened tips of my nipples. His touch making me wetter.

“Hmm” he gauged my reaction, “you’re too quiet!” He tweaked one nipple.

I yipped. The pleasure coinciding with pain. He tsked. He flicked my nipple once more, this time smiling in approval when I let out a moan of pleasure. His head lowered and the moist heat of his breath whispered over my sensitive skin before his tongue laved over my nipple.

It was as if electric currents razed over my nerve endings. I arched into him. My fingers thrusting into his hair.

He made a pleased sound. His hands weren’t idle. Yanking at my leggings.

A hand cupped my pussy. He lifted his head from my breast. His eyes feral. “Take these damn things off” he gestured impatiently to my leggings.

I giggled. I quickly stripped the remainder of my clothes and jumped on his bed. “Well,” I was almost breathless. “What are you waiting for?”

He smirked. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and hauled it over his head. He tossed it aside. He advanced towards the bed, unzipping his jeans.

I admired the breadth of his shoulders , the sprinkling of blond hair on his chest that tapered to a fine line that disappeared into the waistband of his jeans. He was no longer the teenage boy I had fallen in love with all those years ago. He was a man, far more experienced than I.

His expression was of hunger and I wonder if I could sate him.

He was now tossing his jeans to the pile of clothing on the floor and he launched himself at me.

I shrieked as I found myself being rolled underneath him. “What was that look for?” He kissed me.

I loved the feel of him atop of me. I didn’t want to talk now! “Just thinking how far more experienced you are” I pouted.

He strokes a hand along my back. “Trust me, nothing irked me more than reading your stories! I was jealous” he kissed me, “I wanted to be the one loving you, making love to you! Not some young ass punk who didn’t know how to please you or love you!”

I grinned sheepishly. “Um, didn’t you figure out that most of my stories were about you?”

His hand stilled, his face registered shock. A slow smile curved his lips. “My little sex kitten! After all these years!”

I wound my arms around his neck and smiled mischievously. “No one has ever had my heart but you”

The smile faded from his lips. “Don’t tell me you waited for me,” his voice was hoarse, “I couldn’t bear it if you deprived yourself of a relationship. You deserve love, happiness romance…”

I kissed him, silencing him. His care for me made my eyes burn with tears. I didn’t want to ruin this moment with talk of the past .of failed relationships.

He withdrew from me. “I mean it, Angel.” He thumbed my lower lip. “You deserve the world stars moon and Even if I can’t give you the world. I will move heaven and earth to give you everything you desire.”

“That would be quite a feat” I teased.

He brushed kisses over my forehead, nose, cheeks and then my lips. “Loving you is easy as breathing.”

His hand caressed my body, stroking over my breasts leaving me breathless as he went lower.

He settled between my thighs, his eyes burning into mine. ” Tonight this will be your last chance to say no. I made a mistake letting you go all those years ago. Once I make you mine, we can never go back. We can never go back as friends.” his voice was rough.

I almost wanted to laugh. “Stop being so melodramatic!I never wanted friendship with you. I’ve always wanted more”

He seemed almost relieved with my words. He kissed me, my neck my collarbone as his cock teased my clit. “I’m going to wreck you,” the words were almost inaudiable under the pounding of blood in my ears.

His mouth pressed kisses to my abdomen and belly. My breath caught, my hands frantically clawing at the bedsheets. His tongue parted my folds. I moaned. He lapped at my creamy slit, carefully avoiding my swollen clit. He dragged his tongue back and forth circling my hole, then after some considerable amount of time focused his attention on my clit.

He devoured me, sucking hard then lightly on my clit. I chanted his name as if he was my deity. “Dont stop! Oh my god right there!” I begged as he slid a finger then another into me. He alternated finger fucking me and licking my clit.

Pleasure bombarded me in waves as my orgasm ripped through me. My body arched, then sank to the mattress trembling in a quivering mess. “Oh my god!” I panted.

He rose above me, his eyes never mine. Gripping my thighs he pushed them up and further apart, better angled for his first thrust. He noted my flushed cheeks, my heavy lidded eyes that were barely focused with lust. He chuckled when I wiggled trying to urge him to enter me.

“I love this about you, so hungry for my cock” he murmured, “its going to be rough ride.”

Slow and easy, he impaled himself within me. My eyes widened. His cock was stretching me, I wanted more. I needed more. As if he sensed my desperation, He clamped a hand on my hips to temper me. 

“I dont think so, Angel. We will do this my way!” he chided. The first few thrusts allowed me to stretch over his cock, getting used to girth and length.

“Fuck, baby you are so tight! I love how you are milking me” he breathed. His hips began to move faster.  His skin is covered in sweat, his muscles rippling under my fingers as I claw at him. His jaw is clenched as if he was willing himself not to cum yet. 

He began to pound hard, his hips slamming down hard into mine. Whimpers escaping my throat as he took my hands and pinned them above me. “Cum.” he hissed. “Cum all over my cock.”

My body felt as if it was being pulled apart, blown into tiny particles as my orgasm thundered through me. I was boneless beneath him. I could feel him cum with me.

The sound of our breathing seemed to echo in his bedroom. He rolled off me, pulling me close. I sleepily snuggled closer. “Uh wow?!”

He chuckled. “You are simply in awe because you have nothing to compare it too.” he sighed, “I was little out of practice.”

I giggled. “Really?” I poked him in the belly. “That wasnt subpar performance.”

“Thank you.” he stretched. “I am an old man now, not exactly a teenager.”

An old man, he was in his forties, I wanted to protest but I was too sleepy. He tugged the covers over me. “Go to sleep, Angel. We can play around some more later.” he kissed me on the top of the head.

  • a story I began writing in the Pine Pass