• Detective Oh Gu-Tak
  • Pak Un- Cheol (Brawny) – Mob Boss
  • Lee Yung Moon (Yungi) Psychopath Serial Killer
  • Jung Tae Soo -Hit Man flawless Victories! 🙂



  • Baek: Obsessive Psychopath
  • Rollo DiSpirit: French Diplomat


The four men sat in their unmarked car. known as Mad Dogs.  

A team of “Bad Guys” formed by Detective Gu-Tak. Using any means necessary to catch criminals, crossing a moral line wasn’t a problem for them. 

The mechanic shop was in the violent section of Gu-Tak’s district. Which meant eyes would look the other way if he and his “team” used “methods” that were persuasive. 

It also meant no one would pry into their business if their “person of interest” suddenly starting screaming. 

There was just one problem. Rollo DiSpirit had Baek. God knew what he was doing to her. If what he did Yung Moon was any indication, Baek was in serious trouble. 

Gu-Tak glanced at the youngest member of his Mad Dogs. Yung Moon’s features had slowly healed from the brutality that Rollo’s goons dispensed. even been found in a shallow grave, being buried alive did little to shake the man’s affect. There was no emotion, the darkness in his eyes was endless. The young man had the psychopathy of a serial killer, a brilliant mind with the IQ of 165. Yet nothing prepared him for the unpredictability of Baek being captured. 

“Baek set herself up for this,” Young Moon muttered. “If you think I am upset by these turns of events I am not.” 

Un-Cheol gripped the steering wheel.  “What are you saying?” he growled. “That we should leave? Forget her?” The brawny man scowled at the rest of the team. “She hunted you down, Yung Moon.”  

There was the barest of smiles on Young Moon’s lips. “The irony isn’t lost on me” he steepled his fingers under his chin. “She had been in solitary for nearly 3 months. She was released into your custody, Gu-tak.” he turned his gaze to the older man. “She was a sadistic woman who hunted serial killers.” 

“She got into your mind, that is how she found you.” Gu-tak snapped. “Alive!” he glanced at Tae-Soo. The other man had been silent until now. “Rollo DiSpirit is no doubt working her over.”  

Tae-Soo chuckled. “Rollo is a Foreign Dignitary. He thinks he is above the law. Which is why he is letting his hands get dirty.” He opened the car door. “The law may be on his side, but he hasn’t met us.” 

Un-Cheol smiled. “Is it time to introduce ourselves?” he loved a little violence. He climbed out of the van, joining Tae-Soo and Gu-Tak. He frowned when Yung Moon didn’t move. “You not coming?” 

“No. Baek got herself in this mess. “ 

“Because of you.” 

Yung Moon scowled. “I could have found Rollo DiSpirit on my own. Baek let herself be captured for her own sick pleasure.” 

Tae Soo and Un- Cheol looked at each other and began to laugh. “It’s so eerie how you two are!” Tae-Soo gasped for air. 

Gu Tak Oh scratched his grizzled chin and smiled. “Yes. You are right, Tae Soo. They are too alike. She needed a time out.” He chuckled. “in her words.” 

Tae Soo shook his head. “What people you attract, Yung Moon” he sighed.  The Four began to walk towards the shop. 


The mechanic shop was closed.  

The owner and his employees laid dead at her feet. 


The woman had to admire their persistence. 

She wasn’t sure how long she had been held there. 

The next blow her head snapping to the side with the force, her chair rocking on its leg. 

Blood matted her hair to her scalp, her face felt as if it was worked over with a meat tenderizer. 

They were good. 

She could almost admire their persistence.  

The question was, did they have a death wish? 

Sweat matted her hair to her scalp, she was sure her nose was broken. 

She was familiar with pain. With nausea swelling up, burning the back of her throat, she struggled to open her eyes.  

The blow came out of nowhere, knocking her head sideways. She cried out blood spilling out over her cracked lips. Breathing hard, she wondered when she could drop the façade. She hated being weak. 

It hurt to lift her head, Baek glanced around. The shop belonged to one of Brawny’s former minions.  

Rollo DiSpirit hired the buffoon and then killed them all. No loose ends.  Her eyes narrowed, the rage that had built up inside threatened to explode. She took a deep breath to steady herself. Rollo considered himself a ruthless criminal. He was a bumbling idiot. Which is why he tied her to the chair instead of using zip ties or handcuffs.  

She wondered why Rollo was so scared of Yungi. And he was scared. He had gone to great lengths to bury Yungi. Literally. Her breath left her lungs in shaky puffs. She couldn’t let her emotions take control.  Yungi was legendary. A brilliant serial killer. He was something she inspired to be. She had to be better. Smarter. Kill with a flawlessness that outdid his own. She studied his kills, killing those who deserved. until it was revealed he never killed at all. She was crestfallen. When he disappeared, Gu-Tak asked for her help this was her chance to prove to him she was better than him. 

A commotion drew Rollo’s attention, diverting his eyes. 

Baek shifted in her seat, her wrists were already chafing from sawing the rope against the back of the chair.  

Rollo was spewing words off in French to his minions. He still hadnt noticed she was almost free. The door to the office burst open and Brawny strolled in. Knocking Rollo’s men aside.  

“Baek!” Tae-Soo sent a man flying. “Where the fuck is, she?” 

Baek was grateful for the darkness. It hid the shape was in. She started to limp towards the exit. She needed to find Yungi. 

Un Cheol threw Rollo into a chair. Tae-Soo grabbed the back of the chair tipping it over, so the foreigner was lying on his back, facing up at the under chassis of abandoned truck. “Where is Baek?” Tae-Soo delivered a solid punch into Rollo’s face. The French man cursed.  

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” he chuckled as he spat out blood. “I am just having a business meeting!” 

Gu-Tak barely glanced at the dead men sprawled around Rollo. “Business must be tough.” 

Baek had almost made it to the back door when she  stumbled. hands reached up to grip her arms. “You are more trouble than you are worth!” Baek’s head jerked up at the familiar voice. Yung Moon glared down at her. His indifference made her heart stir.  

“You shouldn’t be here,” Baek pushed at him. “This could have been a trap.” 

Yung Moon shrugged. “Dont flatter yourself.” 

She snarled. “I am not sure why Rollo is so afraid of you. But you played right into his hands! He couldn’t kill you before… but now?” 

Yung Moon took her arm and walked her to the door. “Get out!” 

She struggled. “No” 

Dont make me tell you again!” 

“Forget it. I am not leaving your side ever!” 

Breathing hard, Baek clutched his hand. “You and me? Together.”  

Yung Moon glanced over to his team mates were working over Rollo then back at her. “You are letting the better half get the best of you.” he smirked. He was taunting her. She fixed him with a glare. Better half meaning letting her emotions.  

“You take that back.” emotions make mistakes. She never made mistakes. 


Yung Moon stepped away from her. His eyes narrowed on the man Un – Cheol was plummeting with his fists. “Fine just dont get in my way!” he told her.

 How had the Mad Dogs found him; Rollo was going to kill them all. He spat the blood was in his mouth. He had been so careful. Yet the morons who were working for him could barely rub two brain cells together.  

“Enough Un Cheol!”  

Rollo barely could raise his head, yet he knew whose voice it was. That bastard Lee Yung Moon! The other Mad Dogs he could care of. Yung Moon was too dangerous to be kept alive.  Yung Moon nearly ruined everything he built with that brain of his. Rollo paid a great deal of money to end that problem. Unfortunately, Yung Moon never stayed dead. 

“here I am Rollo.” The bastard even spoke perfect French! The Mad Dogs gave no indication that they understood. “You should have done the dirty work yourself.” 

Blood sputtered as Rollo chuckled. “I do not know of which you speak” 

Gu-tak knocked Rollo upside the head. “English or Korean! Pick!”  

Rollo shook the pain off. “We cant even have a sophisticated conversation. Such barbarism! How can you accuse me of a crime I know I never committed!” he taunted slowly in English. 

“Sophisticated?” A woman’s voice drew Rollo’s attention to Yung Moon once more. She spoke French in rustic patois, compelling Rollo to cringe. 

“Oui!” Rollo laughed “unlike how you are my speaking language! Quebecker?” 

There was a derisive snort “non, its Quebecois!”  


Baek appeared beside Yung Moon almost like a wraith. Tae Soo and Un Cheol’s eyes widened at the sight of her. Her dark hair matted to her scalp; the hap hazard bob had clumps of dried blood dropping to the floor.  Her lips were cracked and smeared with blood. Her skin so pale they could see her veins. Her clothes were ripped revealing her bruised and cut skin. 

“Baek!” Yung Moon reprimanded. “Stay quiet.” 

Rollo laughed “oh this is rich! Two psychos in love!” 

Baek and Yung Moon looked at each other and then the rest of the team “it is impossible for a psychopath to feel some emotion. They mimic” Yung Moon replied slowly in French. 

Baek moved gingerly towards Rollo. “Perhaps” she spoke korean now, “Brawny, you were having all the fun!” she pouted.  her eyes shifted to the vehicle lift behind Un- Cheol. Un-Cheol scowled at her informality.  

 “I really hate it when you call me that!” he muttered. 

Tae Soo chuckled.  “Ah but its so cute!” he teased. Baek limped to join Un-Cheol. She admired his handi-work. The cuts and abrasions on Rollo’s face. Without warning she stomped on his hand. He howled as his fingers broke.

“That is for my nose.” she rasped. She reached down gripping him by his hair and slammed it back. ‘That is for my face!”

Rollo’s eyes fluttered as if he fought to stay conscious. “You cant do anything to me. You are police” he groaned.

Baek straddled him. “Brawny made such a mess out of your face. No woman will look at you without puking!” she laughed. “Now you are concerned if we are police?”she motioned to gu-Tak. “He is” then she hitched a thumb at the other three.”They are consulting. I am most certainly not” Jung Moon translated and the others laughed.  

She leaped off him and wandered over to the Lift panel. She studied the buttons finding the one for on and other for off “I must repay the kindness you gave me and Yungi.” Baek went on. “But I would like to know why you went after Yungi.” 

“Baek, let me do the interrogating” Gu-Tak warned. 

Baek waved him off. “No I dont think so. You’re methods are boring and ineffective. Mine are fun and I get prizes!”

Rollo laughed uneasily. “I have diplomat immunity. You cant do this.” 

Tae Soo and Un-Cheol glanced at each other and then at Yung Moon. “Do what?”

Rollo sneered. “Are you trying to scare me? This is illegal!”

The lift roared to life.

Rollo’s eyes bulged out. “Wait! If I tell you you will still kill me!” 

Baek cocked her head. “Yes that is generally how this works.” her eyes narrowed. “You went after someone I considered mine.” 

Yung Moon coughed discreetly into his hand. Baek ignored him.  

The truck was still descending. “Ok!” Rollo trilled. “He saw me! Ok! He saw me at restaurant with a mob boss. Accepting bribes” 

Yung Moon frowned. “My memory is excellent I would have recalled that!” 

Baek struggled to comprehend what she was hearing. “This was over a bribe?!” 

Rollo grimaced. “This was a high-class deal. I needed things done. The mob doesn’t do things for free they needed compensation! They needed Mad Dogs out of the way” Rollo began to panic when Baek’s finger reached for the lift’s button again. 

 “Bitch you don’t have the balls!” 

Rage filled her. “You’re right A bitch like me doesn’t have balls, I have ovaries to take out the garbage like you!” 

She pressed the button again. The sound of the truck crushing the man beneath was deafening. The Mad Dogs stood staring at her.  

“I am tired and sore,” she muttered to no one in particular. “I am going home to eat and sleep!” 

No one moved. 

“I said I am tired. I am hungry! I want to sleep!” Baek shouted. 

Yung Moon sighed. “Baek would you like us to take you home?” 


Her arm slipped through his. “Promise me you wont go anywhere?” 

“Careful Baek. You’re letting your emotions show.” 

 – A fanfic from a dream I had! Oh that Yungi! ♥♥♥


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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