It is remarkable how animals react to crystals.

I have crystals everywhere. In my bedroom,kitchen,living room,foyer, bathroom. In the living room there are crystals near her mat, she never goes them. Clear quartz and selenite generator.

When I sleep I have selenite, amethyst and rose quartz under my pillow.

I wondered how Daisy would react to one of the stones. I chose Selenite first. It has a calming affect. Which was wonderful because Daisy was out of control and refused to go bed. She had been acting as if she was on catnip. I laid out the Selenite hand stone on my bed. She loved it.

She swatted it, tried to chew it but after awhile just played with it like it was a toy. It calmed her down to the point she fell asleep a half hour later.

The next night I chose rose quartz. A heart. Her reaction was completely different! It was spontaneous! She was so full of energy, becoming high off the crystal as if it were catnip. The energy ebbing off the crystal heart she really seemed to enjoy because she would go in search of the crystal. Play and become very calm and loving after I would take it away. She would fall asleep after awhile with little difficulty.

I never seen her play or bounce that much even with her toys. It was comical!

2 thoughts on “A CAT AND HER ROSE QUARTZ

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