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It was a serious day, but I found I was really enjoying myself with my drive thru team.

To my relief, HO didn’t appear until after lunch and only for a few minutes. Had they been on the floor earlier they would have witnessed my barely restrained fury.

Or witness me slamming back a smoothie (poured over from an order. We can drink the mistakes not supposed to but do) out of frustration. Where was the damn alcohol?!

Perhaps the customers sensed our impending doom and like hungry prey pounced! Choosing today to order like mindless dimwits!

Like this classic:

In the middle of the order a customer demanded “Why arent you taking my order!” I had to stop making the tea and refrain from smacking my head on the counter.

“Your order is on the screen! Please read as you order!”

“Oh yeah there it is.”

The coffee orders were the worst.

“I will have a black with 2 sugar” I didnt hear the coffee order so I asked the customer to repeat.

“Ok so that is a coffee with 2 sugar”

“No” he snapped. “Its a coffee black with 2 sugar!”

Eye twitched. “It’s a coffee with 2 sugar!” I stressed. “Black means nothing in it!”

“No..” was this guy really trying to die?!

“Yes! A coffee with 2 sugar! Now is there anything else?” I really wasn’t going to tolerate anything more from him.

However Lane 1 had to have Steve tell the customer three times we no longer had cinnaparts! Steve was feeling our pain!

Classic Annie told everyone that today was my birthday. They began to sing “happy birthday”

Plot twist? Today was not my birthday!

They were so dumbfounded I laughed

I got another free meal, HO said we did well and they were impressed by us!

6 thoughts on “BETTER THAN EXPECTED!

  1. Great you impressed HO. You are right black coffee has NOTHING in it.

    I drink coffee black. It used to drive the Spaniards crazy. I could never figure out why it bothers people if you don’t do like they do. It doesn’t bother me that they put all kinds of crap in their coffee.

    I had a student in Spain who was always tired. I asked her why she didn’t drink coffee. She said it was because she was allergic to milk. Seriously, she could not fathom drinking coffee without milk.

    One time in Rome, Italy, a Spaniard was trying to order Cafe Latte at a bar one morning, but he kept saying cafe con leche which the Italian barrista took as cappuccino. The Spaniard was throwing a fit over the “mariconata espuma” (faggy foam) on the cappuccino. We kept telling him in Spanish to order cafe latte to get coffee with milk, but he never seemed to get it.

    What were cinnaparts? Sounds cannibalistic for some reason.

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    1. That is crazy! Over a coffee! The Spaniards can’t drink coffee without milk or cream?! They say people who drink just black coffee are psychopaths 😂
      I’m glad I don’t work at Starbucks! I would get lost at how to make all those coffees!
      I just have an iced coffee or iced Capp after work. During work a triple triple!
      Cinnaparts were basically a Cinnabon. Yum.

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