I was almost taken out! Assassinated!

Yet again by my cat!

I climbed into bed, when I heard a meow! Daisy leapt onto the foot of the bed and launched herself at my face!

I shrieked out her name in sheer shock. She stopped in mid-attack!

“Daisy Elizabeth!” I managed. “How dare you!”

She glared at me and jumped off the bed.

Apparently she was thirsty!


    1. My sister bought me a miniature fountain for Christmas awhile back. Since I live in apartment I can’t have anything that holds large amount of water because it might cause water damage. I use it to display my crystals.
      Daisy likes to sit with me while I bath or shower lol

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      1. She doesn’t do a psycho kitty attack through the shower curtain? Spunk, Marble and Loki attack me through the shower curtain when I’m taking a shower.

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      2. No she just shows up like a creeper. I have see thru curtains but I am blind without my glasses so all I see this black lump staring at me.
        She will stay with me while I have my bath 💕

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  1. The comments were great! I always shower alone, even if the house is empty and the door is partially open.
    I love Daisy has a middle name. Maxwell did and Moses does. Mittens doesn’t…but, I’d never have named her Mittens! My niece did when she was in preschool. 🙄🙄🙄

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    1. I always get Daisy and my niece mixed up. Elizabeth is a family name and I call k Elizabeth.
      Tonight I asked K if it was alright if I call her Daisy. Oh she was mad “I’m not your cat! Auntie, stop calling me Daisy!”
      I laughed so hard.
      “But I call my cat by your name!”
      Oh priceless!

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