It finally happened.

Steve finally lost shit and told a customer damn right!

It happened shortly before my shift ended.

There were few customers that had played stupid games and won stupid prizes. this however took the cake!

Steve was in fairly good mood. There were some customers that were making him cranky but he was still being funny. If a customer ordered wrong he would groan, roll his eyes. “Its not meal if you dont have a drink! oh my god!” he sighed. “why not order all at once! We dont have a 5 piece meal!”

This went on all lunch hour. I was enjoying myself immensely. Hearing him mutter under his breath was priceless. The few times I would have my moments of anger.

It all came to a head half hour before my shift ended. There was a commotion in drive thru. The driver of the truck in my lane hopped out and ran into Annie’s lane. Both drivers are yelling at each other. Annie had to have First Booth confirm the order. Because of the rudeness.

My customer returned to his truck and began to order. he was friendly but ordering like an asshat.

His ordering pushed Steve too far.Steve interrupted my order taking  “Could you stop calling her man. she is a woman.” he snapped.

I giggled.

“I didnt call her man.” the customer protested. “I said ma’am.”

“You called her man, and so lets end this.” Steve went on. “pull ahead to pay for your order”

Over the headset I could hear the customer grumbling how he was going to “tune this tough guy up”

I burst out laughing. “Annie this guy says he is going to tune up Steve!”

Annie frowned. “He means he was going to tell Steve damn right” I explained. We laughed.

Moments later Reese’s Pieces complained that the customer is swearing at her. The customer drove down to our window. Steve opened the window and told him it was unacceptable to swear at the cashier.

The customer said he wasnt.

Steve became angry. “You were rude to the order taker, you were rude to the cashier.” he snapped. “Customers arent allowed to treat my employees like that.”

“You just work here. I pay you.” the customer sneered.

“Oh really?” Steve laughed. “You want to go there?”

The customer made some comment about how much money he makes so Steve better not mess with him.

“I could shit on your paycheque with the money I make” Steve laughed. “Have a good day. You arent welcome back.” Its true Steve rakes in the money!

Not even 10 minutes later, the customer phoned to complain. I laughed so hard. Customer has his ass reamed out by the GM. He called to complain and the assistant manager takes the call. He explained he was sorry that it happened, there were two sides of every story. They had a right to protect the employees from rude customers.

Steve glared at Derp. “That call should have last three seconds.”

Derp was stunned. “But it was a complaint.”

“I already dealt with it. I told him he wasnt allowed back because he was being rude.”

“Becky why are you always causing trouble?” my drive thru team teased.

Its true. Steve has banned three of the customers I have served.

One was RacistGate. Second was the McRibGate. (oh she was a real winner!)  Third was PickleGate. (that guy was a real clown!)  he was allowed back after a few weeks.


6 thoughts on “THE DRAMA THAT MADE MY DAY!

  1. Good thing there were no machetes in reach. Whenever I go to a burger joint, which isn’t very often, I walk inside to order. I don’t like drive-thus. I like to get out of the car, go inside and order. I am nice to the order takers. They (and you) have a hard job being nice to all the jerks they (and you) have to serve.

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    1. you are so kind 😊
      Customers and servers become too comfortable with the “anonymity” drive thru provides. Both can become rude.
      I don’t mind face to face. Customers are taken aback when I adjust their attitude if they are rude.

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      1. One of the biggest culture shocks for me when we first lived in Spain is who much “service with a snarl” there was. Customer service was not a happening thing in most stores in Spain.

        However, the places where service was exemplary were the bars. Spanish baristas were something. They could serve a bar full of customers in a flash. You had to be very quick with your order or they would pass you by and come back when everyone else who knew what they wanted had been taken care of.

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      2. The Spanish Baristas, almost always men, made espresso with whatever people wanted in it, cooked Spanish Tortillas (like a quiche with potatoes and eggs), served bocadillos (sandwiches) and tapas all at one. They moved so quickly they didn’t have time to be friendly or grumpy, more like machines serving up coffee and chow.

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