FRIDAY THE 13th: Nightmare before Christmas

Ah Friday the 13th.

Nightmare before Christmas!

I always dread Friday the 13. I’m superstitious. However all went well!

Although HO is going to catch these hands if they don’t stop messing around with my favourites!

My jaw dropped when I was informed that the breakfast menu was changing!

Morning breakfast will no longer have bacon or sausage egg wraps😡

The all day breakfast will no longer have hash browns or bagels.

I threw a cup. “They took away my fajitas! Now they are messing with my Egg BLT?! Steven!”

He turned to look at me, his expression pained. “What?”

“They are taking away my all day breakfast!”

He grinned. “I know”

Annie patted my shoulder in an attempt to console me. “But Kiki! Just think no more junior chickens with hash browns!”

I lit up with sadistic glee at the thought of crushing a vegetarian’s dream! “Yes indeed! No more hash browns for them!”

Steve rolled his eyes and turned back to the presenting table. Annie sighed and shook her head.

My gleefulness was short lived when a customer ordered griddle. I informed him his options were a bacon egg bagel or muffin. “I said a griddle!”

“A muffin or bagel” I repeated.

The customer was becoming irate. “What part of a McGriddle aren’t you understanding?” He shouted.

Wow! My eyes could have bore a hole in that screen. “What part of that is not an option you’re not understanding?” I shot back. “I’ve told you three times you can only get bagels or muffins!”

There was silence. “Oh”

I found my drive thru team staring at me. “And she is back.”

Fuck that! I’m still nice!

A couple of posts ago I mentioned Picklegate

Ironically a day later of said mention, the cry baby of picklegate made another wailing complaint about being charged for pickles.

I thought we dealt with this infant. An evil thought hatched in my mind. My sister’s FB profile was still on my mobile. With sugary sweet mansplaining I all but drew a picture for the male baby why he was charged. There was no snap back from the keyboard warrior.

Cackling from my triumphant victory over the crybaby, I was filled with happiness. Because of the store’s social media policy I couldn’t use my own FB, but using my sister’s I was ok.

Until the next day when she discovered what I had done. She wasn’t upset I used her profile but upset I engaged the crybaby in “conversation” 🤢🤮 “I don’t want him thinking we are friends. I don’t want to talk to him at work and he is a horrible bully!”

My victory was short lived. Although he had not made some nasty comeback, I was forced to delete my comments! 🙁🤬

7 thoughts on “FRIDAY THE 13th: Nightmare before Christmas

    1. Ha I have disclaimers! When I signed my contract in 94 there was no social media policy and again 2002 there wasn’t a policy either so they had to put up a policy 🤦‍♀️ after there were multiple complaints of night crew not doing their job but playing on their cellphones. Posting selfies and rude remarks in Tagalog

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