Tonight I was in the mood to be in the kitchen.


In the mood for spaghetti! I adore Baked Spaghetti! The more cheese the better!

However I don’t like left over canned sauce. Which is why I never make pasta myself.

And why I wasn’t having spaghetti 🙁

I chose OLIVIERI Fettuccine Alfredo. FYI I dislike Alfredo sauce immensely!

I made myself a very cheesy Alfredo Fettuccine. Lots of pepper and garlic please! Red onions.

Made the sauce so hot I almost seared the skin off my finger tips! Nothing I dislike more than tepid sauce 🤢🤮 Especially Alfredo!

Now I’m off to eat and finish watching Crisis on Infinite Earths. Hopefully I won’t gag on my cooked food🤦‍♀️😂

6 thoughts on “AND SHE TRIED TO COOK

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