Hera: did you seen Kooky in BTS Run.

Me: no I wasn’t on FB

Hera: I tagged you.

Steve: she was busy updating her blog!

Me: Steven! Stop revealing my secrets!

Well I was disappointed after work. Not many customers were having meltdowns. we closed. They would walk up to the door and couldn’t figure out why the door was locked. Still didn’t read the notices.

I still chuckled at their crestfallen expressions, but it wasn’t very funny. Didn’t satisfy my sadistic side.

It wasn’t until Russian families dropped off their kids and sped off that I perked up. The girls just stood there staring at the door in confusion. They tried to open the door again. A customer told them the store was closed. They were so lost. Unsure of what to do.

I was howling with laughter.


  1. Poor kids. That was very mean of you to delight in their misery. You should have invited them to the office party. Then you could have laughed at their parents freaking out. Although down in these parts you would be arrested for kidnapping, but the parents would probably have been arrested for reckless abandonment of their children.

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