Customer: I will have a bacon egg griddle meal.

Me: I’m sorry it’s all day breakfast.

Customer interrupted: I said a griddle!

Me: I’m sorry you can have bacon egg bagel or bacon egg muffin.

Customer: ok a number 7.

Me: ok lunch?

Customer: no! I said breakfast!

Me: ma’am it’s all day breakfast!

Customer interrupted again: I don’t understand what that means!

Me: ma’am I am trying to tell you but you keep interrupting me! A bagel or muffin those are your options!

Customer: I said a #7 there is a breakfast menu out here.

That was a #7 breakfast. Steve was so pissed off at the customers rudeness he went to double check to see if there was breakfast menu out there. There wasn’t. Only lunch. Grr!

But I’m happy! today is the Xmas party. We close at 3:30 and the best part is watching people trying to get in to eat! Sorry we are closed!

It is so hilarious!

3 thoughts on “TODAY IS THE XMAS PARTY 🎉

  1. We are having our holiday office party this evening Starts in an hour. Food, drink, live music. Nothing from McDonald’s, however. The Pink Lady’s are catering.

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    1. Nice! We are having ours in a hotel ballroom.
      We used to have it a particular hotel but the chef effed up so bad that my boss refused to ever do business with them again. I happened to be sick then. the chef was short on food. Even though he was given enough money for everyone to have seconds! The food was either cold or burnt.
      The parties I would be well enough to go, the salmon was sweet n sour. And every time I thought it was pork! Every time! Stupid me!😜🤢🤮
      The last two years were at a different hotel. Better food but our party time be cut off at 12am because of licensing. 😆

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