Customer: are you going to put that in a meal?

Me: I don’t know am I?

Customer: well it’s cheaper.

Me: it is isn’t it. If you order a meal you get a meal so it’s cheaper.

Customer: but…

Me: so to clarify are you ordering a meal?

Customer: yes.

For the love of god! Just order by the number not sandwich! Or say a meal next time! Remember to order correctly or next time you will receive exactly what you order. A la carte!


  1. Driving home tonight, a large pickup truck pulled out onto Coors Road, crossed four lanes of traffic, cutting four cars off, forcing the drivers in the lanes to the left of me, and me to slam on our brakes to avoid crashing into the jerk. He then made a sudden right-hand turn into McDonald’s in front of me, forcing me to brake hard a second time, before he sped toward the drive-up lane. He must have had a major Big Mac attack to endanger so many people’s lives to get to McDonald’s.

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    1. Oh wow that is so scary. People are such careless clowns! On my way to work many people have sped to make sure they are first in drive thru. Nearly running me over when I am at a cross walk. Or having the gall to honk at me when I’m crossing, they are three blocks away!

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