I was so happy to be sleeping in on Boxing Day, a little sad I would be missing out on the sales. However, I was in a really great mood that lasted until I walked onto my shift.

  Second booth was a disaster. There was still no hot water tower, so making teas took a thousand years; longer if there was honey! (Stop ordering honey!!!) My coffee machine broke down, so I had to use the one pot coffee machines! (OMG!)

My mood was souring. I was not putting up with any of my customers’ bullshit!


Customers couldn’t order their burgers to save their lives! “I would like plain cheeseburger only ketchup.”

“So is it plain or only ketchup?” I asked. The customer would then repeat his order as if I was a dimwit!

“I am asking you do you want it plain. Or with only ketchup? Plain is plain. Nothing on it!” I snapped.

“Oh.” what is this? Neuroscience?

Then the nightmare truly began. “I would like the everything breakfast bagel.”

I punched it in. “Ok.”

“The breakfast bagel.” she repeated.

“Do you mean a bagel sandwich?” I asked.

“No!” she snapped. “The breakfast everything bagel!”

My head was hurting.

“It is on the screen!” I explained.

“I want the bagel!”

I grabbed a coffee lid and threw it at the video screen “you want a sandwich!” I snapped. I asked her what kind.

I paced back and forth in the second booth muttering under my breath, as order after order forced me to question my sanity.

“I will have an English muffin with egg” a customer ordered.

“Ok an egg muffin”

“No on an English muffin!”

My eye twitched. “Yes it is on a English muffin! An egg muffin that’s what it is called!” I explained “it is on the screen!”

“I said on an English muffin!” He shouted.

I snapped I lost my shit! “Why would your sandwich be on a baked muffin sir? It’s called an egg muffin ok? An egg muffin!”

There was silence. “Ok” he said quietly.

“Would you like anything else?!”

I ended the order and found First Lane and the McCafe person staring at me. “Fucking idiots thought their sandwich was on a baked muffin!” I exploded.

They burst out laughing.

The stupidity ensued.

“I am asking you if you want chicken sauce instead of sweet and sour sauce or do you want both” I asked a woman who wanted nuggets with mayo.

“Both” she said. Ok there problem solved. “I didn’t want sweet and sour! Only mayo!”

“Ok so only mayo please!”

Another cup thrown.

Then a guy couldn’t order a grilled cheese to save his life. “Cheeseburger no cheese no bun no condiments”

“Uh just a hamburger patty” I asked.

“No” he explained his sandwich like that three times.

“Sir you keep ordering a hamburger patty!” I snapped “what do you want?”

“A grilled cheese”

Oh for fuck sake! Get out!


  1. Does McDonald’s have grilled cheese sandwiches? Where are these people from that they don’t get it that an Egg McMuffin is made with an English Muffin?

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