Wow! Today I had a major brain fart!

I had lost track of days thanks to the holidays being in the middle of the week! I hadn’t realized today was Friday!

My mind was blown when the night shift manager informed me it was Friday. I thought he was kidding. “Do you really think Steve would work this late if it wasn’t Friday?”

I was wondering why Steve was still on shift. I still didn’t believe the manager so I asked somebody else, who confirmed it was indeed Friday!

Well that explained everything! Why customers were escaping their rubber rooms!

Customer: what kind of dressing is on the Caesar wrap?

Me: ??? Excuse me.

Customer: what kind of sauce is on the Caesar wrap?

Me: uh it’s a Caesar wrap. (It’s pretty obvious right?)

Customer: yes, I’m asking you what kind of sauce is on it! Is it ranch?

Oh my god, why would a Caesar wrap have ranch if it’s called Caesar?!

Me: no it’s Caesar dressing!

I also forgot how to count back change! I was staring at the money in my hand, bewildered by my stupidity! My mind drew a blank! Finally after a few moments I remembered how!🤦‍♀️


  1. Chemo brain at work for you. Who knows what the dude’s problem was who didn’t get a Caesarian section wrap? Amnionic fluid perhaps, but not Ranch.

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    1. Chemo brain for sure 😩
      Lol maybe he found Caesar wrap unappetizing?
      I don’t like ranch or Caesar dressing in a wrap. Only on salads.
      Now I have a horrible image of amniotic fluid drenched wrap stuck in my head before bed! 🤢🤮

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