a weekend of burrowing myself in my blankets and doing nothing but watching Korean dramas, I finally emerged from my warm cocoon to an apartment that was colder than outside. -27C!

I was in a wonderful mood despite the drop in temperatures.

“Oh great! here she comes to wreck the day!” Steve cheered when I walked into the second booth. I grinned.

“How are y’all?” I greeted them. I was so happy to see Annie and Reese’s Pieces.

“Oh great! It’s the Three Amigos!” Steve groaned. I burst out laughing. I think the other two didn’t get the movie reference, but it was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid!

The afternoon was going well despite many attempts at sabotage!

I was so sweet, nice and adorable! Ew gross! I was not nice! I was nice and cold like the icy temperatures outside. Like a glacier!

Customer: “I want a extra value meal double cheeseburger! With coke”
Punched in the order. Exactly how he ordered it.Double cheeseburger. Medium fries. Coke.
“Excuse me! Hello! I said the double cheeseburger meal!”
Me: yes sir it’s on your screen!
“That’s not what I wanted! I wanted the $5 meal”

I face palmed myself. How about ordering it then!

Customer 2: I will also order #8 with no pickles.

I almost choked. I tried not to laugh. The number 8 is nuggets.

“The #8 is nuggets, sir” I explained.

“Yes! With no pickles!” He snapped.

Were these people high? I scowled at the screen. I was trying to make coffee and take orders. They were making their order difficult by not reading the menu!

“The #8 is nuggets!” I repeated coldly.

“Oh. The #2 just the sandwich. No pickles”

Wow brilliant he was! Reese’s Pieces was laughing at me.

Customer 3: Do you have Bacon Bigmac?

I wonder when people will realize that a Bacon Big Mac isn’t really a promotion. It is offered all the time. I didn’t hear all of his question because I was multitasking. “I’m sorry did you ask for the Bacon Big Mac? With no pickles?”

He became angry “I asked you if you had it?”

I stopped fixing the coffee I was making. I had to stop myself from throwing it.

“Sir I am asking you if you wanted it! Yes or no”

“Uh yes. That’s with no pickles”

“Thank you. The Bacon Bigmac is offered all the time thank you”

To top it off? the health inspector popped in for a surprise visit!

I needed alcohol! I could have a fish bowl of monkey lunch or two bowls during my shift. That is literally a fish bowl of alcohol! It was my favourite alcoholic drink back in my 20s when I was drinking every weekend!

Would I be a nice drunk while taking orders? Or would I be an idiot?


  1. One of my client’s mom is a health inspector. She said that McDonald’s restaurants are by far the cleanest in the city. -27º C? That’s -16.6º F, which is really cold. We get below 0º F, but rarely below -10º F (-17.8º C). I think your customers were experiencing brain freeze. Annie and Reese’s Pieces must be young if they didn’t get the Three Amigos.

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    1. I wish it was -10C it’s supposed to be~27 C all week 😩
      No thank you!
      “Time to lean time to clean” is one of mcds motto. We are not supposed to stand around even while order taking. Front counter is the exception. They are supposed to stand there. Ugh.
      However if I had my way I would retrain lobby people.
      Annie and Reese’s Pieces are very young. Annie graduated 2 years ago, Reese’s Pieces last year. But she doesn’t watch much tv or movies so she doesn’t know any pop culture references lol

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      1. Reese’s Pieces sounds like my kind of granddaughter material. I’m lost on most TV references more recent than 40 years ago. I’m a little more up-to-date on foreign movies, but I haven’t watched a movie in 3 years or so. My Xerox salesman lent me “Thank You for Smoking”, to watch. He thinks I’ll like it.

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