I was in a wonderful mood! I finally had heat! I could finally put away the heaters, take down the blankets covering the windows! It was wonderful seeing the sun!

The cat was ecstatic that I put her cat tree back in the living room- she attacked me! Oh well! She also pulled out a garbage bag from the counter to play with. Hilarious!

I was in a wonderful mood at work! We sang some Taylor Swift Dolly Parton High School Musical! The Three Amigos strike again! Making some concoctions people have no business drinking!

FYI orange juice orange pop some cream and a shot of vanilla syrup tastes like orange popcicle. However, do not mix orange juice and vanilla milk shake. 🤢🤮

I was reminiscing about the days when a customer could order up to 10 multiple orders. Reese’s Pieces was astounded by that!

It was a nightmare! Now we only do 2!


“First rule of drive thru, Reese’s Pieces” i droned in my valley girl voice “Customers are to tell us they have multiple orders! Second rule we don’t separate orders at First window! And we don’t combine separate orders!”

“But I’m the customer you don’t say no to me!” Annie sneered.

“I said we don’t separate orders!” I shouted. We all laughed.

All was well until a customer decided to be an asshat! Annie had taken his order. He had given her no indication that he would like his order separated. He pulled up to the First window and declared his order to be separated. Cashier informed him she couldn’t do it.

Customer canceled his order, stormed inside and complained how incompetent the cashier was. He damn well wanted his order separated and we can do it!

The manager sighed “sir, if you wanted your order separated please inform the order taker before you order. The cashier cannot separate your order because it is a process and all of the following orders are then in the wrong sequence.”

The customer was silent and bewildered “are you serious” he finally snapped “that is the stupidest thing I ever heard of”

“It is one of the reasons we cut down on multiples” I giggled. “Play stupid games win stupid prizes!”



    1. A customer can order a meal but pay separate. For example he has ordered two meals but his friend wants to buy the second meal. Two orders one car 🙄👎


      1. ohhhhh! Then, the second person should just ante up the funds to the driver and call it good if it comes close to the amount. OR do as they are supposed to, which would stop all the trouble right there.

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