Last night my niece was talking about the Coronavirus. She is intelligent and interested enough to keep up with whatever we talk about. Meaning whatever she and I talk about.

We were talking about politics and how China was now imposing a lock down on travel. My sister sat down and caught the end of the conversation.

my sister made a disgruntled sound. “For the last time, K! Crohn’s is not a virus! It is a disease! It is very serious!”

My niece looked at me, and I tried not to laugh. “It’s Corona! Not crohn’s, Mother!” She explained slowly.

Now my sister’s eyeballs were bulging out of her head! “It’s Crohn’s!” She shout back.

I facepalmed myself. “It’s Corona,” I pronounced slowly. “Virus. It is the epidemic that is spreading in China.”

My sister sighed. “If you say so”

I shook my head, “I do say so” I smiled at K.

“Maybe you should start being a little more smarter, mom” k snapped in disgust.

I howled in laughter at the burn. My niece continues to be a wonderful girl but she has one hell of an attitude!

7 thoughts on “YOU JUST GOT ROASTED

  1. Is your sister not old enough to remember severe acute respiratory system coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and how the outbreak took hold in Canada and killed Canadians? Hopefully 2019-nCoV doesn’t do the same.

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    1. My sister doesn’t pay attention to anything unless it’s about her, unfortunately.
      She doesn’t read, or watch the news. She basically has the intelligence of a 7th grader lol
      But I’m very proud of hard she works to make up for it!
      She has worked hard never graduated but in every job she has, she has made management within 3 months to 6!
      she lacks in book smarts for sure, but has earned a great reputation in work!
      So in my rambling, no she doesn’t remember the SARS

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