I began my day with kindness. I decided to put customers orders in meals even though they didn’t ask for it. I was so sweet!🤢🤮

It didn’t last long.

“I will have 2 happy meals” a woman chirped. I waited for her to continue but she was talking to whoever was in her vehicle with her. “2 medium fries” she spoke finally.

I frowned “ok what kind of happy meals would you like?”


I face palmed myself. “Anything else”

“Two root beers.” She went on ordering. “2 sides of mcChicken sauce”

Then “a cup of mayo”

I sighed. “Would you like 2 cups of mayo instead of having 1 cup of mayo and 2 pkgs of mayo”

“What? I have 2 fries! There is another person here! I want mayo!”

Another face palm. I spoke slower “do you want 2 cups of mayo!”

There was silence “yes”

I threw a cup.

As the afternoon went on my drive thru team and I were discussing how fantastic Jennifer Lopez looks at 50. Her performance with Shakira at the Super Bowl. This led to a performance of my own.

I sang “whenever wherever” by Shakira. My attempts at belly dancing were scary, but amusing.

Our fun ended when the rush began once more

“What kind of frappe do you have?”

At the mention of frappes I suddenly wanted one. “I’m sorry we don’t have them til spring”

There was a disgruntled noise. I suggested ice coffee. The customer ordered something else.

“What kind of frappe do you have?” The passenger barked out.

“None!” I replied. “Not til spring”

“I asked about frappes!”

My fingers curled into fists. Annoyed, I raised my voice “none. We have none. We are not selling any! I already explained we won’t have any til spring!”

Another cup was thrown.

“I will have a French vanilla Latte. Skim”

I was on lane 1 which meant I had to do coffees as well. “Yes” I acknowledged her order.

“So do you have sugar free?”

I glared at the screen. Oh come on! “Yes”

“Is it vanilla?”

“Ma’am are you ordering a sugar free vanilla latte now?”

“Yes, you know. The skin one. Sugar free. Vanilla!”

“Ma’am you would like a skim sugar free vanilla latte?”

“Oh yes?”

I turned off my mike. “For the love of God! Learn how to order your drink! I just aged 10 years!”

Another cup was thrown. Then the espresso machine was down.

“Whoever took this order?” The cashier snarled over the headset “you need to tell me there are coupons!”

My head slowly rose, my eye was twitching. Who the hell did she think she was talking to? “We don’t have coupons” I answered.

“Yes there is!” She went on “ you need to tell me!”

“We don’t have coupons because they are expired!” I snapped “and we would tell you if there were coupons! If we didn’t tell you about a coupon it’s because the customer didn’t tell us! Right?”

There was silence. “Oh”

“You better check that attitude” I went on “the only person who is allowed to have attitude is me!”

There was silence again. “Ok”

It took a while before I was being a dork again


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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