Late last night I was meditating with selenite. One stone in each hand. Another under my back.

As I was focusing my breathing, enjoying the resonating healing power of the crystals. The vibrations flowing through me, Daisy attacked.

She made this low sound in her throat and launched herself at my solar plexus. I let out a surprised squeak, admonished her and settled into meditation once more. Few seconds later, Daisy pounced on my belly then my root chakra. making this sound.

She then bounced off the bed chasing off whatever was near me! I laid in bed, I could hear make her trilling warning sounds as she darted about the living room.

I was astonished. had she got frightened by the resonating vibrations from the selenite? Then I was wondering did she see or sense my chakras? That didn’t account for her attacking me and chasing off whatever was there!

When I woke up this morning I walked into the living room expecting a disaster after the calamity I heard last night.

Every thing was in its place. Not a mess in sight!

Daisy loves selenite, she sleeps with it plays with it. I’ve meditated with her sleeping beside me. So this was a surprise indeed!

8 thoughts on “DAISY THE PROTECTOR

    1. My niece named her. Daisy was a rescue cat. Found near my sister’s apartment. My niece took her home. Then my sister took in another kitten-a barnyard kitten. Her name is Memphis.
      Both kittens got pregnant by the same cat. But Memphis got pregnant first, and so my sister asked me to take Daisy.
      Now Daisy is my cat. I will not give her back. Daisy loves being with me anyway.

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  1. Maybe you are attracting spirits with your crystals and Daisy is chasing them off. Najar was seeing ghosts tonight. She was wide-eyed and on edge.

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    1. Oh that would be scary! I don’t think I would like to know Daisy is seeing spirit in my house😱
      It would be good to have her chase them off tho.
      Najar must be a good protector

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      1. Stretch was the kitty who could really see the ghosts. It got a little scary watching him with the ghosts. We can’t see the ghosts but we can smell them (perfume, fresh coffee when we have not made any, etc.) and hear them at times (conversations like a radio playing or people talking in the other room when no one is there). Actually, I think a lot of the things our African Gray parrot says might come from him talking to the ghosts — he says things we never say.

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      2. Oh wow that is a haunted house you are living in! 😱
        I use to smell cologne when I lived in the downstairs apartment and smell cigarettes as well. I was the only one living on the floor. Or I would be walking to work and I would smell it. No one around me.

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