My doctor just called. My CT scan was clear ✌️🥰🥰

Happy news!!

Now I just have to do my blood test for tumour markers.

The oncologist receptionist called to see if I had done that. I frowned. I did do a blood test. I even asked the imaging department if I needed to do another test because I had a requisition for one. I thought it was the same test. It was not. I apologized profusely for my error.

The receptionist called back and guess how I answered the phone?

“Hi welcome to McDonald’s May I take your order please.” I tried again “no, may I take your order please? I mean hello?”



  1. I kept answering the phone here like I did at mom’s..and I’m always forgetting my married name (few in AK know it, so I used my maiden one all the time. When I introduce myself, I almost always say the former name. I also tend to drop mom’s birthday when asked for mine.) You’ll get through it–but, did she ask for cheeseburgers????

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