The Northern Games began today.

I had hoped I could be on my best behaviour but holy cow by the end of my shift? I needed alcohol! Oh my head hurt!

“Here I come to wreck your day!” I sang to my drive-thru team as I walked onto my shift. Steve groaned. “Oh my god, twenty years!” he responded. his day is not complete without me poking fun at him sometimes!

I grinned, “twenty years of awesomeness!”

He tried not to gag.

I was in a wonderful mood until the nightmare began!

customer:”I want a cheeseburger. Plain. That’s no ketchup no onions..”
Me: “plain is plain”
customer 2: “I want a sausage egger. That is a sausage egg on a English muffin”
me: “we only have English muffins available now”
Customer 3: “hello? hello? Hello! Why aren’t you taking my order?!”
me: “Sir, I was waiting for the car to pull ahead. Please wait until I ask for your order!”
Customer 4: By the way, that meal is on a separate order.
me: I am sorry are you asking for two separate orders?
Customer 4: “Yes”
me: please tell me before you start ordering you have two separate orders.
Customer 5: “I will have those tiny McLean burgers please.”
me: “I am sorry?”
Customer 5: “the. Tiny. Mc Lean Burgers!
me: Those don’t exist. We have McDoubles or Junior Chickens.
Customer 6: “You can take the next order I am still deciding.”
me: Ma’am you are not at Timmies. There are two order takers.
Customer 6: oh.

I was trying not to let my annoyance get to me. I was still trying to be goofy and happy but nearing the end of my shift I completely lost control of my anger.

The constant chattering of nonsense over the headset between Lane 1, the Presenter and DT manager had become annoying but when the presenter was laughing over the headset while I was taking an order?

That was the final straw.

“When I am taking an order you need to shut up!” I exploded. “Silence!”

Drive-thru fell silent for a moment, everyone turned to look at me. “Just stop talking!”

The silence lasted all of five seconds before the presenter and Lane 1 started up again.

“can we not be quiet?” Annie asked. “You guys are being annoying.”

The presenter couldn’t have a conversation and work at the same time. My eye was twitching.

“You know what?” I snapped. “If you can’t work and talk at the same time how about you choose one and do it. I am telling you to stop talking. And work!”

“Whoa, Becky are you pulling a manager moment?” Annie asked.

“People are lucky I am not a manager. There would be deaths up in these streets!” I muttered.

I was lucky that there weren’t any managers around!


  1. I’m happy that I only have to deal with staff who often drive me crazy, but they get predictable. I spent a good part of my day recovering and repairing files that “just disappeared”. Sorry guys files don’t just disappear, but they for the life of them couldn’t remember what they were doing before the files went poof. Then there’s the constant “I can find the server”, “I forgot my password”, “I can’t print”. Yeah Right! I have to remember about 100 passwords, I have no problems finding the server, and I can always print. “What’s your freaking problem people?” I get called to fix a problem, I walk up the staff member’s computer do whatever supossedly doesn’t work, and it works. They don’t call me the inTimidater for nothing.

    A couple of years ago I was considered for a different job. The recruiter told me that I would not manage anyone or have to tell anyone what to do. I said it sounded glorious. I didn’t get the job. I’m damned to managing people for life. It’s a bit like hell on earth.

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    1. InTimidator! That is a great nickname!
      I don’t think I could be a manager! Especially if I had to memorize so many passwords as you do!
      You must be doing such a great job, though!

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      1. Right now I’m doing a lot of different jobs. We are really short on staff, so some of us managers are having to do a lot of work architects and draftspeople would do if they were available. We have a real shortage of skilled staff right now. I can’t even borrow staff from other firms because they need the same people we are looking for. Do you want to move to the high desert southwest and do facility evaluation? Lots of evaluating school buildings on general condition and adequacy for education and writing involved. Or, if you know how to use AutoCAD, there’s lots of floor plans to be drawn.

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      2. Oh my I don’t have that skill set😂
        It is hard to run things when you are short staff. We had to have people come from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Nanaimo, Prince George because we were so short staffed. They didn’t come all at once though.

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