The cyber men were defeated. Their weaknesses exploited. The victors of a billions battles broken..

“Well this is new” the male voice thundered in The Doctor’s ears. Her temples throbbed in agony as she struggled to raise her head.

That voice, she heard it before. In her past? In her future?

The man stood at the TARDIS console, examining the many buttons, levers and gadgets. He wore a Grey Hoodie and Jeans. He was tall. Taller than she. Athletic too, she thought dully, by his broad shoulders and lean frame. His hair was shaved short.

“Upgrade, I’m sure that this wasn’t here before”

The Doctor managed to find her voice “don’t touch that!” she swallowed back a surge of panic. “Where are my friends?”

“Oh it’s just us here” there was amusement in his voice.

The man slowly turned and the Doctor recoiled in shock.

It couldn’t be. He was dead.

Yet there he was. The Former Maths teacher of Coal Hill Secondary High was standing before her as if he hadn’t been swallowed up the Nethersphere and ravished by nanotechnology.

“Danny?” The Doctor breathed his name. “Danny Pink?”

The man smiled. “It’s been awhile”

“You are not supposed to be here!” The Doctor struggled to her feet. Her body swaying.

She marched towards him, raising her sonic screwdriver. The readings just didn’t make sense. Danny Pink was here but wasn’t.

“Last time I saw you,” Danny Pink murmured “you were a grumpy old man! How is Clara?”

The Doctor had known many people throughout her many timelines. each memory a tiny fragment carved deep in her brain.

“Impossible Girl” The Doctor whispered. “Clara was my best friend even back then. I loved her so much. Like Rory and Amy, she was my family” she tried to keep her voice from breaking.

Danny’s brow furrowed “She is not with you?”

The Doctor shook her head.


“Then she is back on Earth. Teaching?” Danny laughed. “Is she married now? I bet she has a lot of kids! She was great with kids!”

The Doctor dusted off her clothes trying to ignore the painful thumping of her hearts. “No” she glared at Danny, “she isn’t married and she doesn’t have children!”

“Oh?”Danny chuckled “why are you so crabby? She dumped you finally, old man?”

The Doctor took a deep breath her lungs protesting with the effort.

“She isn’t with me because she is dead, Danny”

Danny blinked. “She is what?”

“She died, Danny.” The Doctor softened her voice “she was so brave. ”

Danny ran a hand over his face. “Oh my god, so you let her die then” he pushed himself away from the console. “You selfish bastard!”

The Doctor took a step back from Danny. “I tried to save her. But it was her time.”

Danny let out a laugh. “Time. Right.” He choked. “Her time! Human life is so insignificant to you. We are irrelevant”

The Doctor frowned. Danny hadn’t been alive in years how could he still feel so embattled by his emotions by his guilt. His death was supposed to free him of that pain! Something was wrong.

The Doctor raised her hand to silence Danny. “Why are you here, PE?” She asked him.

The sadness in Danny’s eyes made her hearts ache. “They are coming for you”

It took a moment to realize whom he meant. Cyber Men.

“What?” The Doctor paled.

“I saved you once,” as Danny spoke the tightening in the Doctor’s chest increased “I can’t do it again”

Danny smiled “it’s strange seeing you like this. As a woman. I think Clara would have improved”

The crushing pain in the Doctor’s head was becoming impossible to ignore. Her vision blurred, she staggered, crumpling to the ground.

Danny knelt beside her. “I don’t think you can win this one, Doctor”

“No,” the Doctor rasped “my friends, my family they need me”

She could hear Yas’s voice frantically calling her, hands pounding on her chest.

“We will see” Danny Pink’s face blurred.

“No Danny don’t go!”

The Doctor bolted up, gasping for air. Yasmin, Ryan and Graham crouched beside her. Each with a panicked expression on their face.

“Doctor!” Graham exclaimed “are you ok?” The older man peered into her face, looking for any tell tale of pain or injury. Finding none he sat back on his heels, nonplussed.

“Right as rain!” She chirped. “Got to go!”

“But you can’t! You died!” Yas protested.

The Doctor scoffed “can’t die yet. I’m still me.” She glanced down at herself patting herself down “got all me parts too!” She was all too cheerful. “Plus the two hearts and all that!” she brushed of Yas off and climbed to her feet. “What happened?”

“You were electrocuted by that!” Ryan pointed to the strange machine the Doctor was working on. “Did you say you have two hearts?”

“Two hearts double the heartache!” The Doctor scratched her chin thoughtfully as she tried to remember why she lost consciousness.

The Doctor glanced at the box. It was familiar. As she got closer she realized that it was a body. That of a cyber man. had she been working on a cyber man!

“Oh dear, bad news fam,” she whispered.

The three companions stared at her inquisitively “the Cyber Men are here!”

  • two seconds into the season finale of Doctor Who Series 12: Ascension of the Cyber men, and this came to me!

I loved Danny Pink!

I really missed Clara Oswald!

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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