Stop trying to shake down my drug empire! – me

What? Since when? – Ethan

I’m trying to run a low key operation here! You keep busting my chops! – me

How much? – Ethan

You couldn’t afford my shit – me

Really? – Ethan

$100 a gram for starters. You can’t afford it on minimum wage. – me

Breaking Bad much? Nah, just being interrupted during orders

I was in a wonderful mood today until my first order. The customer had asked for a moment.

No problem, I carried on with other tasks. “Hello? Hello? Hello? Why aren’t you taking my order? Hello?”

Annoyed, I snapped “you are not waiting on me! I am waiting on you! Please order!”


Another customer further antagonized me when she ordered a meal then a sausage egg muffin and OJ. “I don’t want fries”

I thought she would like a hash brown instead. So I asked her. “No I said no fries!”

“Ma’am you asked for a meal!”

“Yes, but I don’t want fries!”

I face palmed myself. “Then no meal!”

I struggled to keep my annoyance under control by chatting with my drive thru team.

A customer ordered a number four. “I didn’t want the bacon cheddar angus! I wanted the mighty!” He whined.

Ok. After he finished ordering the mighty “I want a bacon cheddar,”

There went a cup! “Sir, you do know I had that burger punched in already! Next time just keep ordering!”

there was silence. “Oh” he managed “that’s all then!”

“fucking idiots don’t waste my time with your stupidity!” I grumbled once my lane was clear. I found my drive thru team staring at me in astonishment.


“I don’t play around in drive thru. Order smarter not harder! I don’t put up with stupidity!”



2 thoughts on “ORDER SMARTER!

  1. It sounds like it’s hard to be smart in the drive thru? On the rare occasions I go to a fast food place I go inside. I spend enough time sitting in traffic. I’m not going to sit in my car in line and then try to make myself understood through a speaker. That’s simply torture for me and the order taker.

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    1. It wouldn’t be hard if customers would read the cvs as they ordered. Actually read the menu. Enunciated their words. Or stop ordering their meals one at a time. IE: “then another burger meal. Then another”
      But it’s a rare occasion that a customer will order correctly.
      I rarely go thru drive thru.
      I prefer to go inside and eat.

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