Six months of feeling fantastic then a pandemic outbreak. Great!😡🤬👎

That was one of the thoughts I had last night and I felt horrible about it. I just want everyone to be healthy, happy and enjoy every moment with their loved ones!

Why did that crazy thought come to mind? A conversation with my sister!

My sister wanted to know if I was coming to K’s birthday.

“What about social distancing?” I grumbled.


“You can’t have a birthday party. There is a pandemic” I explained.

“Sure I can. There is going to be a few kids some parents”

I stared at my sister in disbelief. “No you can’t!”

“Becky I am already disinfecting my house” my sister went on.

There are times when even I am completely astounded by my sister’s lack of common sense, and brain cells!

“Who cares about the house! Snot nose little kids will be running around your house, their parents won’t care if they wash their hands or not. They can’t be so close together.” I went on with my reasons why.

I kid you not the whole time I am talking she had a vacant look in her eyes. She wasn’t even listening!

“So are you coming or not?” She asked.

“No! I finished treatment awhile ago I don’t want to compromise my health!” I shouted.

I spent time with my niece today as compromise. Some time after my sister called me. telling me that my niece couldn’t have her sleepover. And only two friends could come over. She explained how she didn’t know she couldn’t have people over and that she could get fined if people were to get sick.

My jaw dropped. “I told you that yesterday!”

“No you didn’t.”

“Yes I did!” I exclaimed “you really need to stop being self absorbed and start listening when people talk to you!”

“Auntie did tell you!” My niece piped up. My niece was not impressed she might not have friends over.

Just because one person may appear to be healthy doesn’t mean he or she can’t spread the virus.


  1. You are at risk because your immune system will still be compromised from your treatments. Going on four years out from my last treatment, my immune system has not fully recovered and may not ever go back to normal. Your sister sounds like a real piece of work.

    I really like your new gravatar with your red lips, red had and wavy blond hair. Did your hair come back the same color? Mine came back gray and straight after the first go-round. Then it alternated between curly and straight between rounds of chemo during the second go-round. It’s still grey but only slightly curly now.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment.
      My hair came back darker then lighter. And some Grey is coming through too🤫
      I don’t mind the grey..
      I hope you and your family are taking very good care of yourselves during the outbreak.
      Yes she didn’t understand how social distancing works 🤦‍♀️

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      1. Is your McDonald’s still open? They have closed all dining rooms here. Only drive through and take out are available. All restaurants that can’t do take out have been forced to close.

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      2. Amazing. That’s a lot of people to piss you off that’s for sure. I’ve been busy. I insalled 350 fire evacuation maps in dorms in a college last week. I was asked if I could do it in two weeks. I did it in 4 days. No breaks. No Lunches. Just a whole lot of screwing. Too bad all that screwing only involved hanging snap frames on walls and doors. Now I have to hang another 60 frames in the rest of the buildings on the campus. I’ll do that this week if the Governor doesn’t impose a lockdown on the state.

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      3. Wow in 4 days! that is busy! I don’t think I would be able to do that without a break. Unless I had earphones in to listen to music.
        It’s the only way I am motivated to do anything.
        I heard most universities are being shut down and classes are going online

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      4. No music. I don’t work with music. I like to listen to music without other distractions. Although I do listen to music in the car. They have closed all the universities and told students to vacate the dorms. Public schools are currently closed for three weeks. We do a lot of work with public schools and universities, so it impacts our business. A local economist said with all the restaurants forced to close in our area, about 500 of them will not be able to reopen. It’s a disaster for a lot of business and employees in the pesonal service industry like restaurants, gyms, yoga, message, weddings, etc.

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      5. I love working with music. I am a multi- talker. Comes with the job.
        Our schools have been closed down to. But have online classes I think.
        restaurants offer delivery. And when I see posts about offering truck drivers to walk drive thru I get pissy. In my town Restaurants are open for them to go to bathroom to order food and take out. We have lot of frontage roads so they can park on side. Or park at hotels, Walmart to get their food, washroom and sleep.
        The gyms salons massage have closed too.
        There was supposed to be a trade fair and wedding fair
        And right now Site C (Water Dam) is still in construction even though the workers don’t want to. So they are being investigated because Site C is violating isolation and quarantine 🤦‍♀️😱

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      6. I think most construction projects are going on around here. The casinos have closed gambling but their hotels are open.

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      7. Oh ouch casinos are going to lose a lot of money
        I was reading on reddit, that this woman had a meltdown when Disneyland closed. She had a vacation planned with her family. So she complained on their customer service hotline or whatever, the person told her she could have her trip refunded and rebooked.
        She said it wasn’t good enough, she wanted special privileges because her children were going to be scarred for life! 🤦‍♀️😂😂

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      8. I think she will be scared for life. The children will get over it. Parents projecting their anxienty onto their kids drives me crazy.

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