Well my work just called me.

They closed lobby indefinitely, Wal-mart restaurant is now closed but drive thru is still open.


No one is practicing self isolation or social distancing?! 😡

4 thoughts on “THINGS HAVE CHANGED

    1. I have been by myself today. Trying to catch up on my Korean dramas
      I think there will be more customers
      And less coworkers.
      I was asked if I still wanted to work.
      I have no money so the answer is yes. My savings went to bills rent etc while I was on treatment and I have to put money back in my savings lol

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  1. I don´t have to practice social distancing, comes natural for me. So good thing is Wall of the Mart is open, you still have a job and then my job is to read you.
    Nice glasses by the way, you look sexy.


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