It’s a rainy day. I am cleansing the crystals, that were on my nightstand, on my balcony.

I was having a phone consultation with my family doctor. I really like her! I had some concerns over my DVT and how emotional I was becoming.

My doctor is so wonderful. She assured me stress from world events could be a contributing factor but if I need someone to talk to or do I need someone to talk to?

“Contributing issues? Like my missing ovary” I joked

She laughed “yes, hormones could also be a factor.” she mentioned that both ovaries were removed. I frowned.

“Um, no only my left”

“No it says both in your file” my doctor replied.

I was flabbergasted. Stunned. “What? The surgeon said only my left!” The surgeon had told me to my face, even my specialist said I had one ovary left. I never thought to question anything because I was so happy and excited to be feeling so well!

“No you had a full hysterectomy and a bi-valve blah blah” she went on “which put you in a post surgery menopause”

Again I was a stunned, “well that explains everything!” I breathed “no wonder I was having hot flashes!”

We burst out laughing.

After the call ended, I ran to my bedroom in search of my surgery notes. There it was. I obviously hadn’t read it clearly, hadn’t processed the prognosis.

Endometriosis of the right ovary. Mass on the left.

Container A holds Mass. container B holds uterus +right tube +ovary.

I began to laugh. This whole time I thought I had 1 ovary left! I had none! I was so ignorant!

Lesson to be learned: make sure your surgeon and specialist tells you everything and don’t be stupid like me and assume she has. Ask freaking questions!

One thought on “WHAT OVARIES? I HAVE NONE!

  1. It is so necessary to make sure you understand what a physician says. I used to take notes as well as bring mom’s home with me to be certain I could explain them to mom if she was confused. I’m glad you figured out what might be causing problems!! Those ovaries are a pain in the butt! Or tummy….


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