Today was supposed to be McHappy day.

We are also supposed to start wearing masks. Which in itself is redundant since we are working so close together without masks. sanitize! Sanitize! I could wear sanitizer as a perfume! I love the smell (except fresh scent🤢🤮 might as well be wearing garbage!)

Oh well healthy!

I wonder if it means we will be opening to the public!

If yesterday morning is any indication, heaven help us!

Father and his teenage son walk in. Orders two meal. When asked about his drink, the son says “soda”

“Yes but what kind”

“A soda! Give me the cup! I will get it myself!” The boy snapped.

The father and the manager stare at him in disbelief “tell her what kind!” The father snapped.

“I need to know what kind. We can’t give you the cup!” The manager insisted.

The boy looks back at the lobby soda fountain “what do you mean you can’t… oh I can’t have my own cup”

The father glares at him “tell her the drink so we can go!”

“A sprite!” The boy mumbled.


Not even five minutes after they left, a customer storms in “why are all the doors locked! I couldn’t get in!” He demanded.

The shift manager stared at him. “Is your truck too big for drive thru?”

The guy nodded.

“We are closed. There are signs everywhere indicating that. Only First responders and truckers are allowed inside to order and are to ring the bell on the side drive thru door.” The manager explained.

The guy made a displeased sound. “Well, I didn’t see the sign”

“They are everywhere.” The manager sighed.

Wow the ignorance was overwhelming.

I’m looking forward today!

Have a wonderful morning!

2 thoughts on “GOODBYE MCHAPPY DAY

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