This brightened up my day!

My friend Rachael wrote this on my FB. I don’t remember doing this but it was grade nine, and it is certainly something I would do. I still do whatever I can to make sure a woman feel safe and comfortable in the company of men.

Hmmm…I think it would have to be that one time in class (art, I think?) and that one boy would just not leave me alone and you saw how flustered and embarrassed I was getting (we had discussed the situation previously) and you let him know very, very bluntly (but still somehow kindly) that I was absolutely in no way interested and to leave me alone. It worked and I was in complete and absolute awe of you in that moment. 🤩


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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