I found Derp lurking behind me. Was I in trouble? I was being polite! 🤢🤮

Derp: he asked for two of your favourite kind of donuts, Rebecca!

I had to paste a smile on my face. I slowly turned around to face Derp. I glanced at the ordering screen. Yep I did punch in my favourite kind of donut. I glanced at Derp.

Me: yes the Boston Creme is my favourite! I don’t like any other kind.

Derp: two! Not the same kind! How about you listen!

He storms past me and I roll my eyes. I did ask what kind the customer would like! The customer asked for my favourite kind! so he got my favourite.

Hmm creamy centre!

7 thoughts on “AND HE WINS FOR BEING SMRT!

    1. They sure are! There was a mistake with a donut. They had put Boston crime in a maple Carmel. Nope. Boston crime with maple glaze🤢🤮


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