I feel as if I am going to offend some people when I say I am almost blind without glasses. That is not my intent. Its the truth. In an another year I could be legally blind.. so there is that.

Working visually impaired today was very challenging.

The lenses of my glasses had damaged even further, making it impossible to see.

I finally had to take them off during lunch.

Not only was my sight impaired, the headsets were not working properly. I guess the John Connor curse was rearing its ugly head! Not only couldn’t I see, but I couldn’t hear now! Wow!

To make things even better (eyeroll) DSL decided to send Bulldozer to fix our ice cream machine. This guy is like a Bull in a china shop! Holy Fudge!

He took all the space! Plowed into us, never saying excuse me. Of course my co-workers shot me a look, As if to plead with me to say something.

But I didn’t have to  Steve finally lost his temper and told Bulldozer to stop hogging all the room, to hurry up with his work. I mean he had been there since 8  and still was there when I left at 4! and he was then working in the kitchen! Wow!

This made Steve grumpy! I enjoy watching him tear other people another asshole. It was very amusing!

“Hey where is my apple juice?” he called out. I glanced up from my order taking.

“Sorry I am blind. That is my excuse from now on!” I smiled.

“Thanks thirty years!”

‘No problem!”

“Hey Taco where is my juice!”

“Right here Chalupa!”

Reese’s Pieces giggled. “Did he call you Taco?” she asked. “Did you call my dad, a Chalupa?”

“Of course.”


I was determined not to take over drive thru, I was going to let others Like Annie and Staci run it, but there are times when the “Old” me has to make sure its running smoothly. Just for my piece of my mind.

Frejai was not happy to be working with me in drive thru. He finally learnt not to mess with me. Its my way no hi-way option. Get the hell out.  He had approached a higher up to complain about how I told him to stay in his lane. He was told by the manager that because I was senior staff he was to listen. That I was correcting his procedure.

While I was in a great mood, I found myself having to tangle with some Entitled Karens. Reminding them that when I am clarifying their orders its for their benefit not mine. I am not eating their food. they are.

Another EK had a fit because I asked her to wait until I greeted her.

“Well I didn’t know if you knew I was here.”

“Ma’am I can see you. I can hear you. I always know if someone is there! There is a sensor!”

“Well I am telling you..”

Fuck off, already! I tell you all the time, I am going to cut you! I thought angrily as I made her damn drinks!

Entitled Karens make my head ache!

I hope my glasses will be fixed on friday!

 Fingers crossed!



      1. I think anyone who wears glasses is visually impaired. Otherwise, there would be no reason to wear glasses.


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