I spent most of my day snuggling with Daisy in day, sleeping. I got up at 2 to shop with my sister.

It really aggravates me she never carries her cell phone with her. Ever. She just leaves it in the car.

I hadn’t been feeling well and stayed by the entrance. Rather than look for her. Seated on the bench. Half asleep I hadn’t noticed my sister and niece had walked by.

The greeter warned me my sister walked by me. I got up thanked the greeter and hurried after my sister.

Who apparently was so in her little world that she didn’t hear me call her name. After the third time she suddenly whirled around.

“Oh my god! You are embarrassing me! Stop yelling my name!” She cried.

Startled, I glared at her. Now she is this type of person who constantly worries about what people thinks about her. She is also the kind of person who thinks you are yelling at her if you whisper. She has problems. But she has no problem getting in another person’s face to yell at them.

“You didn’t hear me. I was calling your name so you would know I was behind you. So you wouldnt message me or..”

“You swore and yelled at me. People were laughing at me?!”

What the hell was she talking about? The customers ahead of me weren’t even paying attention to me or her. Let alone laughing at her!

“You always embarrass me. Making a scene. I told you never to yell at me. I know people”

I was so bewildered by her tirade, that I began to get angry. K got angry. “Nobody cares if she called your name,mom!”

“Bring your cellphone inside so I can tell you where I am. If i am done!”

My sister became angrier “why would I do that?!”

By now I was done. I was tired of always trying to explain,draw pictures. I was tired, sick and she was being too self absorbed to listen.


I got home, climbed into bed and slept.

3 thoughts on “SLEPT THE DAY AWAY

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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